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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Hurricane Bianca: From Russia With Hate

I was so excited when I saw that Hurricane Bianca had come up with a sequel, I was excited about it. The first film though campy was fun when it came to wits, sarcasm and insults and I was expecting something very similar with this film too but alas! I was disappointed. Tt lacked the comedy, the sass and the self awareness of the first and felt just a gimmick to continue the brand. It is a true sequel but hardly funny. Worse, you see the main character in drag only towards the end.

In the first film, we see that Debbie goes to jail. In the sequel, its time she is released and she wants revenge on Richard (Bianca) at any cost. A news show where it shows how hard life is for gays in Russia and Saudi Arabia, Debbie cooks up a new plan to lure Bianca to Russia to accept a teaching award and a cash prize. Richard, who by now has settled in a life of no-drag, gets left with dim and slim Rex to take care of while their friend Stephen goes to try his luck in LA. Russia is not welcoming as expected. Debbie shows up with her daughter to make sure that Bianca is put in jail for being gay. But a series of events happen and its her daughter and Rex who end up in jail. Debbie and Richard now have to work together to get then out of jail with the help of Russia’s dream drag queen Katya. Even though Debbie’s daughter has a change of mind with all these events, Debbie still hopes that she will eventually be able to take here revenge.

As I said before, I was looking forward to this film, but the fragile script was a big problem. It was very basic and make-believe and just not enough to keep you attention and humor go on for laughs. The dialogue was not funny, the story lines were beyond implausible and the ending was flat. I wish there was more of Bianca in drag with sassiness and even other drag queens were rarely given an opportunity. Clearly, there was a lot missing in this film. Having said that, besides the sass and smack, this film is also a sweet story about friendship, cooperation, setting aside and seeing past each other's differences. So it depends on what way you wanna see it.

This one is sadly a miss. A wonderful opportunity got wasted but better luck next time. (3.5/10)


Luigi C said...

In the Gay themed films , "drag queens" ones are a segment very fragile . And unrepeatable .

Golu said...

I agree. I wish they had just left the original and not made a sequel just for the heck of it.