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Friday, March 16, 2018

Entertaining Mr Sloane (UK)

I am not very sure if this film should be reviewed here or not. Although one of the 3 main characters is gay and there are homo-eroticism undertones, the issue or subject is never addressed head on. But then, for a film that came way back in 1968, I guess this small step was itself probably quite a big achievement.

Kath is a lonely middle-aged woman living in suburbs with her ageing father DaDa. When she meets hanssome, young and very sexy Mr. Sloane sunbathing on a tombstone in the cemetery near her home, she invites him to become a lodger. When he accepts her offer and comes home, her father recognizes him as the man who killed their neighbor but is too afraid to speak anything. Eventually Kath seduces him. Meanwhile, her closeted, yet obvious gay brother visits him and also gets charmed by him. He makes Mr. Sloane his personal chauffeur (complete with a titillating tight leather uniform) of his pink convertible. Sloane takes delight in playing brother against sister and tormenting the elderly man. He gets Kath pregnant and a jealous Ed warns him to stay away from her. When Sloane murders DaDa to protect his secret, they blackmail him by threatening to report him to the police unless he agrees to participate in a ceremony where they both end up marrying Mr Sloane and now not only he is their sexual partner but their prisoner as well.

First of all, for a film being promoted as a dark black comedy, I did not laugh at even a single scene; and thats where I lost most of my interest in the film. Kath was funny as the sexually frustrated woman who seduces Mr Sloane. She delivers her cruelest lines with an underlying pathos. There is complete absence of any morality in any character but I think this is the way the script was designed. This may have been a good production way back in the day, but watching it in today’s day and age felt like work which I do not like. For me it was more like a campy film that you watch , if you are kind of person who was alive in 1968 and enjoying reminiscing old times. Otherwise, my recommendation would be to avoid the film. (2/10)


Luigi C said...

When I watched this film from a theatrical piece , in 1971 and in Rome , it was so censored that the brother's character was almost cut off!
Useless to say I understand now and thanks to Your comment the film. Was the time of Alec Guinness 's British " black comedies ", never appreciated : murder for me is still a crime.

ZenSYV said...

Hello, may I know where do you usually watch these film?

Golu said...

here and there. Mostly online, some theatre, dvds etc