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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo (Web Series)

Having just watched the film “Everything is Free”, I did a bit of reading on its lead actor and director Brian Jordan Alvarez and found out that that he actually did a 5 episode web-series before the film and I had to immediately check it out. I can now see the kind of work this man does and how the former film in some way was an extension of all the various ideas and thoughts he had, which he presented so well in this web series. Everyone seems to be making web series these days, so its important to have that extra zing that can hold viewers attention.

Although the center of the show is the Caleb, the series is as much about his 4 friends as well, all struggling actors in LA. Caleb is best friends with Karen and Billy. billy is straight and Caleb has a crush on him but at the same time Caleb is also in love with Benicio who had to leave LA to move back to London. Karen and Billy are attracted to each other but do not know how to make it work and eventually get sexual. Just when Billy and Benicio decide to be monogamous, Caleb ends up sucking Billy’s dick as experiment. We also meet Len, who moves from audition to audition and has crush on Karen and decides to be bisexual. And then we have Freckel, the best character of all who tries her best to keep the entire crew together. The series just shows events in the life of these characters, how al these folks are struggling with love , sexuality, happiness. There is a happy ending with Caleb deciding to get married with Benicio to keep him in the country, but that doesn’t happen without the share of mandatory drama.

Someone said that this show is like watching people high on speed and its so true. The episodes and scenes move very quick. You don’t have time to think. The characters speak fast and you really have to pay attention, otherwise you could end up missing out some of the best dialogues from the series. Interestingly people’s different sexualities and gender identities are seamlessly integrated into the show and thats the best part of the show. After Billy and Caleb hook up, Billy is left confused but it doesn’t make the friendship awkward like you would expect. Karen, Caleb and Billy understand their individual place. The editing is fast paced, the acting is brilliant and the dialogues are down right funny. The show shows us non-traditional relationships but its cool. The show takes a very raw and real look at the way millennials date. At times it can be hilarious and other times, heartbreaking. Caleb is promiscuous. One second he wants to commit, and the next he wants to have sex with a cute bear. But this doesn’t make him a bad person. Similarly, the whole group of friends is either dating or fucking or heart-breaking. No one knows what they really want but isin’t that the truth and reality of today’s youth. There is so much out there. It's hard being young, hot and available! All the other actors have done a wonderful job but clearly its Freckle that stands out. Its the first time, I have seen and appreciated a gender-fluid character and actor, and I thank the makers for this.

The show, in spite of all its absurdity, is about friendship at its heart. Benicio, at their wedding says,  “this day is supposed to be about love,” and Len rounds the crew up into a big group hug. They dance and sing and hug and kiss and love each other. And ultimately, that’s what you wanna take away from this show. (7/10)

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