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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pihalla (Finnish) [Screwed]

A first gay themed film from Finland. No wonder I was wondering throughout the film, why this accent doesn’t sound familiar at all. In the growing trend of coming out gay films, this film is another one of those movies in which being queer is only one of the adolescent issues, rather than the defining characteristic. It is refreshing to have sexuality be only one aspect of the story.

Miku is 17 year old and just figuring and venturing out into sex and sexuality. His older brother Sebu talks him into throwing a party for his friends and also invite the girl whom Miku is very interested in. The house gets completely smashed and the parents come back angry and as a result Miku now has to spend the summer with them at their summer cottage in the country. Miku meets Elias, the boy next door, another 17 year old gay boy very comfortable in his sexuality. The two of them form an unlikely friendship and hang out with each other all the time. The friendship ultimately leads to physical sexual connect which neither of them thinks much of. For Miku, it is something he is coming to terms with but for Elias, we don’t know much. We find out that his sister is always high on drugs and their mother is in depression since their father left. The two boys decide that this ‘relationship’ that they have is just till summer and then they move on their respective paths. Miku eventually comes out to his brother and his parents who all take it very sportingly. Elias needs to deal with his own issues and Miku decides to take charge of his own life and will not let himself be thrown to the side so easily.

This film was a little bit of a mixed bag for me. At one end I did appreciate the realistic depiction of a young gay man’s sexual awakening, and the tender and erotic interactions of the two main characters, but on the other hand, it gets a little tedious to just witness the interactions between them and waiting for something to happen. I did like the fact that since Miku has just come out and had his first sexual experience with Elias, he would want to be clingy but his character showed immense maturity, when he himself suggests that why don’t they make this as their summer fling rather than anything serious. Both the boys have some sort of family dysfunctionality going on but the boys find happiness in the company of each other. I loved that. What I also loved was the character of Sebu, Miku’s brother. He barely had 2-3 scenes but in those scenes, it is amazing to see the love, warmth and care he shows for his younger brother. Sometimes the smallest of scenes make the most impact. When Miku comes out to his brother nad the phone abruptly disconnects, that leaves Miku confused and sad of his brother’s behaviour. And then he gets a “heart/love” message from his brother and his face just lits up. The acceptance from his brother meant a lot to him and that really short scene shows maturity on the director’s part.

Had the normal everyday escapades of 2 young teenagers and their interactions edited short, this film could have been a really cool film. The boys are good looking and talented and the country side is gorgeous. What’s missing is a tighter screenplay. Nevertheless, I still would rate the movie as above average and something that could be enjoyed on a lazy day. (6/10)


Luigi C said...

Looks like Finland is a new frontier for themed films and TV shows .
But it's still hard to understand the approach of their directors , at least to the accustomed of a gay themed ones. Both ' boys families are , to say an euphemism , misfits and almost umbeliable . But that's it .
I was a bit disappointing for the lack of "hot" scenes , considering how they are handsome . But Finland , for policals reason , is still under the influence of their eastern neighbors . May be next .Thanks allways for Your hard work .

Golu said...

have you seen anything else from Finland?

Luigi C said...

Tom of Finland ,o.c. , the biography of the omoerotic cartoonist and waiting for " a moment in the reeds". The latter one wanna know the end before watching. This is a very silly attitude , I know ,but that's me!

Golu said...

nice. Ill add them to my list