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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Nature of Nicholas (Canada)

This was a very very odd and weird coming-out film. Such films that focuses on teenagers are usually cute, romantic and helps the audience to come to terms and accept really who they are. Instead, all this film does is confuse the viewers to a very large extent. I have seen films where a plot doesn’t always make sense but this one definitely takes it up a level since even after reading online a lot about this film, trying to interpret the director’s vision, still leaves me very confused.

Nicholas lives with his mother, who is worried about Nicholas’ introvert nature. Hid father was a cop and is dead now. HIs only friend is Bobby. Nicholas definitely has a very strong attraction to Bobby but Bobby’s feelings are not always clear. Nicholas is confused because just when he thinks Bobby also likes him, he starts showing more interest in girls and the parties. Nicholas just plays along. We also see Nicholas’ father’s ghost that apparently he also sees and feels that he is guiding him, but we are not sure. After an impulsive kiss by Nicholas to Bobby, things start to change. Bobby suddenly appears to be a Zombie like creature but its confusing what he really is. It seems this figure is the flesh expression of Bobby’s unwanted sexual desires that he wants to suppress. Nicholas keeps this zombie at his home, while his dad continues to talk to him through his mother and other people around him. Even the ending of the film was quite odd.

If you are confused after reading above, trust me, it will stay this way. There are so many ways that you can interpret the whole zombie situation, but none makes sense. Even worse is Nicholas’ father showing up every now and then trying to guide him. Is this whole point about showing Nicholas’ mental state and confusions he is going through and how he is dealing with? I dunno and its frustrating to not understand what the makers are trying to portray. The only positive thing about this film is the brilliant acting by both the kids. The look and act the part and do a fantastic job of it. How Nicholas is confused and trying to deal with his sexual identity was shown well. But was he also dealing with some sort of trauma is not explained well. Yes, he lost his father but what kind of damage did that do to Nicholas mentally is not explored very well, which leaves us even more confusing.

What could have been a good film, ends up being a very confusing film and frustrating experience. I am sure few viewers must have watched and liked the film, but I am definitely not one of them. (3/10)

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