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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Where The Bears Are: Season 6

Its time, yet again, for another season of bear madness. and just like the predecessors, the idea is pretty clear. 4 bears, a murder trial, lot of sex and some stupid stuff. Although I have to say that this season was lot better in production quality compared to the previous ones and even in terms of storyline. But then these are the kind of shows, where you are not supposed to use your brain too much.

Nelson is being his usual annoyed self and is quite jealous of his co-star, who happens to be more popular than him. While shooting for a scene, Nelson shoots at the beloved TV star and he actually dies. The gun happened to be real and so now the trial begins. We also see a flirtatious middle eastern man, who is buying the Inquisitive channel that Reggie works for and they start being flirtatious. Wood decides that he wants to expand his business and venture into porn but soon realizes that maybe its too late for him to continue to be as popular but with the help of his associate George, he makes things work. And then we have Todd, who is being threatened by hi colleague for promotion. He refuses promotion because that would mean leaving Nelson for 3 years and as we find out later in the series, this has consequences. The banter continues and we finally see how Nelson is convicted and freed form the trial.

Season 6 continues to bring in more eye candy for the show besides our usual suspects, including the detective couple, who are turning out to be lot better than the four principal actors. The storyline is finally improving and so is presentation. I think the audience base of the bears is finally growing. One other things that I realized in this season was a lot more sexual scenes. Not that I am complaining, but its just an observation. George, the tiny little business associate of Wood definitely is funny and I wish there was more of him in the show. The new addition to Todd’s team (from previous season) was quite pleasant addition as well and he acted well, quite different from everyone else.

A courtroom drama with quite a bit of outdoor shoots, this series delivered exactly what you would expect. I don’t have much more to say about the series. (6/10)


Luigi C said...

The only worth-scene ,imho , was the witness in Court from the dwarf with the hat . Too much cliche ?

Golu said...

Yes.. too much cliche!! but somehow, still lot of fun!
(guilty pleasure)