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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Kru Lae Nak Rian (Thai) [Teacher And Student]

In my opinion this is a dark, weird and a twisted film that focuses on fetish. The subject is taboo and disturbing but I am all game for out of the box story ideas. Sadly when the execution fails, nothing for the film goes right. This one falls in the later category.

Ton and his boyfriend of 5 years have been living together since they were teenagers. Ton is now a high school teacher and his partner is in some sort of security work. In the beginning we see that Ton gets very sexually aroused seeing his partners sweaty back and shirt and that eventually becomes his fetish. Going through a 5 year itch in their relationship, Ton, invariable gets attracted to one of his students Joe after one day he sees his shirt wet with sweat. This is when he tries to get close to the student and even steals his sweaty clothes, so that he can carry on with his fetish in the privacy of the home. His partner clearly sees that Ton is not invested in the relationship as much as he is. When the boyfriend finds out about his fetish, they try to fix but he eventually leaves him. The truth eventually comes out in school as well when Joe finds his teacher Ton sniffing his clothes while he is practicing in sports class.

It is an interesting story line in the sense that it is very different, but I think this could have been a very interesting and crisp short film. This full length feature film has long long moments of silence and nothing else. To make matters worse, there is zero chemistry between Ton and his partner. Forget lovers, they don’t even look like friends. We see history of how Ton was traumatized as a child, when his friend was accidentally killed but that doesn’t really explain his fetish for sweat or his paedophile behaviour. Besides some good natural beauty i suburbs of Thailand, this film doesn’t really offer anything exciting for the viewers.

An artsy film which could as well be an experimental cinema. (3.5/10)


Luigi C said...

As usual You are too generous .One of the worse film that happened to watch. I.M.H.O.
Landscape and pics should be the backstage .

Golu said...

You should see some of the movies that I have rated 0,1 or 2. And then you will know why I have been generous to this film. But I have to agree, this film was just meh!!