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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Boys Briefs 2

Boys Briefs 2 is the second in series of international short films about discreet gay love affairs. The collection of short stories in the first part was quite average, so to be honest I did not have too many expectations from this one in the first place, which is good because the films were really not that impressive.

Doors Cut Down (Spain): Has been reviewed here

Chicken (Ireland): A 3 minute really short film about one boy trying to break the ice with another and touch him just to let him know he was interested in him.

Backroom (Spain): This erotic short film is about a bunch of guys hanging around a backroom having sex with whosoever walked by. They never spoke to each other except in their mind fantasizing what they want to say vs what they actually say. Started well but then didn’t have much to add.

Breakfast (Germany): Story about 2 friends. One wants something serious while the other is more than happy to continue to have hook-ups with strangers. A promising couple together who just happen to ant different things from their relationship. Strictly OK.

Touch (Canada): A dark film which shows an 8 year boy kidnapped and abused for 8 years before he gets free. As a free man, he cannot adjust to reality and longs for love. But the definition of love is totally different for this guy. He still wants to be beaten and abused and seeks to find himself back in the abusive cage he came from. He is also hopeful that one day his lover (abuser) will come back looking for him. Its a evil dark fantasy of a continuously abused teenager.

Take-Out (Canada): A young 18 year old guy quite doesn’t understand his own sexuality. He is confused. and works as a delivery boy for a BBQ joint. A customer whom he regularly delivers to and who is gay man, makes moves towards the boy but he holds back. But, by the time he finds peace to pursue his desire, the man has sold his home and moved on leaving the boy questioning his own desires.

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