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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Kept Boy

After a long time i saw a gay film whose subject wasn’t run of the mill. Complexities of living with a sugar daddy is something new, maybe it has been handled in a few short films or side stories but a full fledged film on this subject is a great idea. Sadly personally for me, it didn’t translate too well on screen as I would have liked to, and I will write more details about it but nonetheless I really appreciate an interest in bring something new to the table.

Good looking and hot Dennis lives with his sugar daddy Farleigh who works in reality TV production. Dennis has never worked in life and has enjoyed his time as Farleigh’s kept boy, and unfortunately his production is not doing too well. So on his 30th birthday, Dennis is asked to look for a job to support himself a little bit. This comes as a shock to him since he has never worked in his life and his circle of friends also include Lonnie & Paulette who themselves are living with a much older woman and a man respectively. In between all this, Farleigh starts giving a lot more attention to the new pool boy Jasper, including making him the design assistant for his show. Dennis now has to do everything that he possibly can to win back Farleigh into his life. Dennis and Jasper try to overdo each other including when they all go to Columbia for vacation. The climax and all seems pretty contrived and convenient where Farleigh dies and it seems life for Dennis is going to be more independent and happier but who knows.

The film is touted as comedy but to be honest I didn’t laugh at any single instant. Instead I felt that it was handled more like drama and what really happens and thats what got me more excited about the subject. It is hard to say whether Dennis wanted to stick with Farleigh just for money or did it include a bit of love as well, probably latter since he rejects an offer by another rich old man, who happens to be Jasper’s uncle. But then , anyone with even little bit of dignity would wanna look for some self-respect when clearly Farleigh is more interested in Jasper now. He spends the entirety of the film trying to win Farleigh back and nothing works. The whole climax of Jasper and Dennis hooking up to win Farleigh back was also bit weird. And what about the end? The two kept boys are now together or was it a whole planned affair? Anyway, besides these screenplay grudges, as far as acting goes, Dennis was the star. He portrayed his character exceptionally well. I thought Jasper was a bit confused and not natural. And of course, I am not complaining about some hot nice ass that you get to see in the process.

An interesting insight for people who think they can have a carefree life finding a sugar daddy, it is very easy to be replaced in such scenarios. Overall a decent film. (6.5/10)

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