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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gay Short Films : 53

Johnny (US)
An older man hires a young sex worker named Johnny to be his first sexual experience with another man. The night they share forces them to face the difficult truths they've been trying to outrun. Johnny is a story about finding the strength and courage that it takes to accept responsibility for the choices you have made.

Camchat (US)
An experimental look at online sexual encounters through one young man's interactions. Yawn!

Lily In The Grinder (US)
Ryan struggles to find meaning in his provisional existence, exploring sex and death and the idea of 'becoming something.' This surreal film, enveloped in a classical string quartet piece, is a rumination on death, time, and the nature of existence. What if human life cannot be said to truly begin or end? This one was way too weird for me.

Never Too Late (US)
A teenage romantic short film that shows that even with HIV+, its never too late to find love if you truly look for it.

Dans Les Yeux (France)
A Sunday morning like any other in the Parisian suburbs. Two 18-year-old men, are secretly in love. An odd situation that Alex imposes on Victor. But an unexpected announcement will challenge his love and force him to take a stand.

Workout Buddies: A Bro Love Story (US)
Brian begins working out with Miguel, because he wants to get fit and they are both having a great time. But eventually, Brian starts getting jealous when he sees Miguel working out with another bro.

Turbulence (Canada)
As the plane slowly makes its descent, a young couple is faced with their differences through sudden pockets of turbulence. Alex, who's about to start his career, struggles to communicate his true artistic passion to his boyfriend Brett, a straight-laced, privileged law school frat boy still coming to terms with his sexuality.

Tienda de campana (Spain)
Adrian and Dario are friends since the age of fifteen, but that will change after the camping trip.

Éden (Portugal)
João and Pedro live in this garden. What João wants the most is for Pedro to be happy and the only way he found to make that happen is to support him in his escape with Sara. On the other hand, Pedro learned how to love João and does not want to leave the garden. But one of them ate the forbidden fruit.

We travel through the stages of coming OuT with the mysterious "A".

Pipe Dream (USA)
Peter’s girlfriend of two weeks, offers to give him the greatest gift that any young man would want: his first blow-job. Problem is, Peter has a small dick... or so he thinks. With the support of his super-hip gay DADS and a penis pump, Peter must prepare himself to measure up against the expectations of society. But sometimes in this world, it's not the size that matters, it's definitely how you use it. This film was brilliantly done with a good mix of humor and message.

Scaremonger (USA)
Hearing news that her 10-year-old son is being bullied because of his feminine long eyelashes, a single mother descends into a paranoid spiral of nightmares as she tries to protect him by trapping him inside. A very interesting film that shows how parents can get so protective.

Heet Water (USA)
A sober intense situation of exploring sexuality in a bath tub.

D.Asian (USA)
A young 4th grade is trying to fit in, where he likes the cutest boy in class. Where everyone thinks he is White, he identifies himself a s Asian and he bloody well has a very good reason for it. Amazing IMO!

Der Untermensch (Canada) [The Subhuman]
A contemporary dance piece abstractly depicting the persecution of homosexuals at the hands of the Third Reich.

Dragen (Denmark) [The Kite]
The film is based around a kite which rekindles memories of childhood between 2 long lost friends. The film is with barely any words spoken. They meet as kids and slowly start falling in love, only to be dragged back home by one of the parents. All memories come back flashing, seeing the kite again.

Arrival (USA)
An animation film following a young boys journey into adulthood and gay relationship.

Tu.Yo.Baño.Sexo.Ahora. (Spain) [You.Me.Bathroom.Sex.Now.]
When Antonio finds out that his boyfriend of 8 years is cheating on him three days before Christmas, he decides to find solace amongst friends at the neighborhood dive. He meets a guy there who pretends to be German and they both have a great time in the bathroom leading to a fast way of Antonio forgetting his anger. Will he be able to use the same trick on another guy? I absolutely loved this film. And would highly recommend this comedy.

Paradigma (Spain)
Innocence, sex and lust converge to tell the story of Guille, a teenager who seeks himself through others. With his best friend, he is seeking to control his sexuality and maybe find one guy that loves him for who he is.

Green Light (USA)
The lonely nights of two gay men, seeking connection in their worlds of isolation.

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