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Friday, July 28, 2017

Loev (Hindi/English)

I had mixed feelings 15 minutes into the film. I was wondering whether this is going to be another trash, budget independent bad movies or will it bring something different in perspective. I have to admit that less than half way into the film, I forgot and didn’t care about the low production quality or even the use of hand help camera at different points. I was engaged in the chemistry of the leads and was just trying to figure out what the relationship between the leads is, because it is never made clear to us until quite late in the film. A complicated but love story would be an appropriate way to describe this film.

Sahil, is a young budding musician, who has a huge fight with his roommate(?) Alex before heading to the airport to meet his childhood friend Jai. Jai is now a successful banker and is in India for a meeting and Sahil plans a weekend getaway to Western Ghats with his friend. The two are from very different worlds which we see n first few minutes of the film but despite their differences they are very close. Neither of them are entirely certain of their place in each other’s lives, but they are ready for the trip. I couldn’t figure out of they are friends/lovers/boyfriends or what!! They are close yet they argue like babies on quite a few issues mostly because of the fact that Jai doesn’t stop working even on weekends. Jai’s way to apologize to Sahil is by embracing him and kissing him but Sahil stops him. Day 2 is planned with a hike and the two share a kiss together which we see later. This is when it is clear that Jai probably has a girlfriend in NYC and Sahil’s roommate Alex is actually his boyfriend.  When they are back in Mumbai for Jai’s meeting, Sahil embarrasses Jai by kissing him in front of his clients and confronting that he is not ready. On the contrary, Jai blames him for not reciprocating his affection from the beginning. The two kiss, but when Sahil tries to withdraw from him, Jai rapes him, only to immediately regret it. After an awkward silence, the do meet Alex and his friend for dinner and after party. Late at night its time to leave but now Jai is overwhelmed with guilt. Sahil is ready to forget but Jai can’t. He knows that they can never be together because they have vastly different lives. They part ways as a heartbroken Sahil watches him leave. Alex is lovingly waiting here for his love.

I may have given too much detailed summary bit I think its important to feel that the way the subject was handled was simply amazing. Jai and Sahil had amazing chemistry. Like I said before that it takes time to figure out if they are lovers or friends but either way there is a very genuine connection, affection and love for each other which is very evident in all their actions. There is a mystery around what is one person to the other and that is not just for the audience but even the duo are going through the struggle. Alex, initially may seem clumsy, but I felt tat he was more perceptive that it seemed. He gives Sahil his space with Jai but is also the balancing factor in Sahil’s life. Sone one who loves him and is not afraid to show it, even though Sahil may be conflicted. Is that because Sahil loves Jai romantically or values as a friend; we don’t know and honestly, I don’t care! Its brilliant brilliant direction, where the focus is on love. No time is wasted on creating back stories because eventually it doesn’t matter. It would be a sin not to mention the amazing acting by the three main actors especially Jai and Sahil. Their chemistry is infectious showing similar forms of pain and confusion trying to figure out things between them in their own way. They are friends and possibly lovers, full-blooded and restless but they are present for each other. I can’t imagine every one of you not being able to connect with their character. I later read that guy playing Sahil passed away soon after he shot for the film and this makes this film even more haunting and a tale of incomplete passion.

Charming, different, disturbing and sometimes haunting, "Loev" is a love story that I had been waiting for to come from India. Sadly, it will never get the audience and appreciation that this film truly deserves. Finally someone had the courage to redefine relationship, love & passion in Indian context. (8.5/10)


A Phoenix at Fifty said...

Amazing film which I really enjoyed. True love is almost always difficult; and, that was brilliantly demonstrated in this film.

Golu said...

Absolutely! You just echoed my sentiments that I felt after watching the film