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Saturday, March 25, 2017


This film is very important not just for the black community but also very much for the African-gay people, who like a lot of other communities struggle to be themselves. This film especially becomes important form a US standpoint when politically things are going downhill and people are very quick to judge anyone who doesn’t cater to the social norms. I have been hearing so much about the film, especially after winning the Oscar award, so naturally my expectations from the film were quite high and I have to admit that the film actually meets expectations to a large extent. It is important to understand and relate to what and how a child goes through and how any small thing can infest a kids mind and ultimately shape his or her future.

The movie is told in 3 parts and focusses on life of Chiron, a young boy. Drug dealer Juan watches Chiron being chased after by school boys shouting faggot behind him. He rescues a boy but in a manner that doesn’t shelve his self-respect and bring him home to nourish and be good. Chiron lives with his drug-taking and single mother, who really doesn’t care much for him. Chiron gets bullied in school and just occasionally his latin friend Kevin comes to him as a true friend. Juan takes him in his wings just to gives a loving nourishing environment. Stage two in teenage years. The bullying hasn’t stopped and life hasnt much improved for Chiron. He is still the same shy boy and still only has Kevin as a friend. One night along the beach, the two come closer but just the next day Kevin ends up beating Chiron because of provocation by another classmate. Chiron brings out all his anger and hits that classmate badly and gets jailed for it. We move to stage 3, where Chiron is a different man. He deals with drugs on street and is now all buffed up. But what hasn’t changed much is his shy demeanor. His mother is now is rehab and apologizes for how she dealt with him. A chance call by his friend Kevin brings him back to the town. The 2 friend relive old days; each one not showing what really they want form each other. There is the awkwardness between them , before Chiron finally gives in and tells exactly what brought him there. The film ends at a very tender moment.

Story wise although film may feel simple but its the treatment that sets it apart. No where you get to see over the top drama. The way Juan and his wife bring Chiron in their family while respecting the fact that he still has a mother raising him is handled really well. The scene where young Chiron asks Juan, what a ‘faggot’ means and if he is one; its brilliantly handled. Juan takes the word apart, and doesn’t take Chiron apart with it. In the teenage years, Chiron, now skinny lad is still dragging himself with no friends. So that one night when Kevin and he end up kissing at the same beach where Juan taught him to swim, it breaks your heart to see that Chiron asks for forgiveness after the kiss. Thankfully Kevin (very very cute) simply says “What have you got to be sorry for?”. And the boys get a little more closer. And finally the young grown up Chiron. Yes we wonder what happened in the jail that made him change so much as a person but you see the light in his eyes and confusion on getting that call from Kevin (again really handsome). The scenes that follow between grown up Chiron and Kevin are some of the best scenes of the movie. You see the hapiness, confusion, ecstasy, eagerness; all in both of them but they both just don’t know how to express the feelings and the tension is just brilliant. Acting wise, everyone is simply brilliant. There is an interesting continuity between the three boys and you feel that yes its the same boy that has grown up. The three of them have brilliantly managed to keep the skin of character inside them. The film is slow yes, but thats what makes it even more of a classic. I feel like I will have to watch this film again in a few months just to understand all the intricacies, the nuances and silences of the characters. Scene where Chiron talks about crying and fearing of turning into an ocean just before the kiss is also so sad. I am now remembering more and more scenes like that. The best impact come from that final moment when the two best friends just hold each other because they know what they want.

Its about human emotions and connections and not race, skin or color. Its about men and fact that its ok for men to cry and feel vulnerable. A toast to all those who have struggled to identify and accept love and finally achieve it; this movie is brilliant and an absolute must-see. (9/10) 


Luigi C said...

Amazing film : three amazing actors for the character of Chiron. My love goes to the teen aged one who very well plays the real sorrow to understand his sexuality and needs help and support. The third part and his confession to his first and only love moved me .
Thanks for commenting one of last years ' best movie.

Golu said...

Thank you sir. I was a bit late to the party but finally managed to watch it. I barely get time these days :(

Luigi C said...

All the best are allways a bit late. :-))))

Cielo Chan Salamangkero said...

hree amazing actors for the character of Chiron. My love goes to the teen aged one who very well plays the real sorrow to understand his sexuality and needs help and support. The third part and his confession to his first and only love moved me .

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Factatack said...

I've only seen "Moonlight" once, so far. I was very, very impressed. What I loved most about it is that, while it is a particular story of one person, it is simultaneously universal. I'm confident that it's a film that will withstand the tests of time and many viewings.
Also, in passing, kudos to the designer of the film's poster. In my opinion, it is one of the most subtle, subject-appropriate, intriguing and beautiful in many years.

Factatack said...

Off topic... have you seen "Viva" (Cuban/Irish - 2015)? You should.

Golu said...

No I have not. I am going to look out for it asap

Luigi C said...

, dear I ,WE missed your comments.

Golu said...

aww... Actually i have just moved to a new place and work has been absolutely crazy. You have no idea ho wit skilling me to not be able to watch movies and review here. Hopefully things will improve soon.
Thanks so much for writing to me

Sailor Maan said...

I loved this movie too.
The evolution of the character was amazing. Like Luigi C, his last confession also really touched me.
His "foster" family reactions were also so great everytime...

And I love you blog too!!! Thanks a lot for sharing all of this.
Btw I just watched "eyewitness" (the Norway version), and I think you should look out for it. It's a small serie of 6 episodes. The gay thing is only a part of it but the whole thing is amazing. I know there is a US version but I haven't seen it yet. I read the gay part was bigger though.
Wish you many good things from France! (and sorry for mistakes in english...)

Golu said...

Thanks for such good encouraging words. I really look forward to comments by people who follow my blog. I will search for "Eyewitness" and see if I can get my handle on it