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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Skam: Season 3 (TV Series) (Norwegian)

Thanks to one of my blog followers lina, I finally managed to watch the third  season of the show ‘Skam’ which apparently translates to ‘Shame’. My initial thoughts, (a) Why didn’t I watch this series sooner (b) How do I now find time to watch the first two seasons.? For those unaware of the show, like I was till a few days back, this is a hit Norwegian show, a cross between TV/online/web series that focusses on lives on teenagers studying in a high school. Each season focusses on a different character and tackles various issues. The main theme of season 3 is the gay storyline and this is how I came to know about the show in the first place. Its 10 episodes with each episode being 20-25 minutes each.

Since I haven’t seen the show’s first 2 seasons, my review will be based on this season as an individual. The main character of this season is Isak, who hangs out with his close group of 3 other male friends. He flirts with one of the popular girls Emma, but very soon we realize that he has his eyes on a really hot guy Evan. He steals glances on him at various occasions. They both finally meet each other at one of the school group parties and become friends. They share this inherent chemistry and a friendship soon blossoms. When Isak realizes that Evan has a girlfriend, he forces himself to like Emma more but things don’t go as planned. Finally, the two boys just give in and they hook up in a very passionate love affair. Just when everything was going perfect for Isak, he gets a message from Evan that things are moving too fast and that he needs a break. He is devastated and has no one to talk to. When constantly quizzed by his friends, he finally tells them all the truth and all his friends are very supportive. Evan apologizes to Isak and soon things are back on track till another blow strikes Isak. Soon it is revealed that Evan is bipolar. Initially Isak freaks out but on some coaching by one of his friends Magnus, who’s mother is also bipolar, he decides to give it a go and take care of Evan. Slowly things start coming back to normal and they love between the two guys rekindle and reaffirm their faith in closeness. The season ends with a Christmas party and Evan recovering good in proper care of Isak and his friends.

The above is the main storyline but of course we have so many other characters who add beautifully to the story We have Isak’s pals, especially Jonas, who is the first one whom Isak comes out to. Then there is Sana, the Muslim girl, who slowly becomes Isak’s study partner and consecutively a friend and confidant. We have girlfriends for both Isak and Emma and other school students and then finally Isak’s gay room mate, who gives him comfort in his own way. There are way too much good things about the show. First thing is the acting by every character and a unique identity that is given to each of them. You feel for Isak, who cannot stop himself from looking at Evan at every given opportunity while struggling with questioning his sexuality. I absolutely loved that how no one cared a shit about Isak being gay when he comes out. His friends are as supportive (maybe even more) when he comes out and they even help him get back with Evan. The storyline, actors and dialogues and so real and believable that you feel you are a part of the group. It was refreshing to see the forward approach by Evan to make Isak feel comfortable. Their first kiss underwater was so special and wonderful. I struggled initially on why Evan wanted things to slow down but that is clarified later. We find out that Isak’s background has something to do with his parents broken marriage, especially his mother’s mental issues, so when you see the supporting text messages from his parents, you cheer and cry alongwith Isak. I, for some reason, felt the pain that Isak was going through in each of these phases that he was going through. First to accept his sexuality, then finding love in life with subsequent heartbreak, the true friends he has in his life with whom he can talk about religion and sexuality and finally when the whole bipolar incident happens. I mean, if a young 17 year old teenage has to go through so much, I can only imagine. Everything has been handled with a mature, yet natural way, that nothing feels over the top. The chemistry between the boys is great. They way they look at each other with their piercing eyes, you feel the love between them and you also feel the heartbreak that Isak has ben through. You cheer for their love, you want them to get together and stay together for ever and ever.

I had the same mixed feelings of happy and sad when I finished the series, like I had for some other shows in the past. Sad that is over, but really happy that I still have faith there people will continue to come up with innovative ways of good TV/cinema focusing on LGBT community and present issues in a more realistic manner. Bring it on. (8.5/10)

(edited on Dec 12 '17) PS: I just finished watching season 1, 2 & 4 as well and loved as much every bit. I was a bit sad that the series has finally come to an end; but I am so so glad to having watched this. Now I just go around telling people that they need to watch this.


Luigi C said...

Why in the soaps ,all around the world , the gay-story-lines are so twisting and hard and not quite and "normal " at all? I wrote to a Writer of a Finnish one ( LARIAS - secrets lives) and he answered me back that even the str8 story must be sad and twisting, It looks like is an international law under the UN safeguard . No happy ending! Pity .Anyway this on a is acceptable and the actors cutes.

Golu said...

I think this one is much more than just acceptable level. I just love dit :)

lina said...

Yey ! Glad u like it i have put so much hope into that hehe. Plus i'm quoted in one of your article, i'm so honoured !

I think one of the reason why it's so good it's because of the slow in the narration. Like in life there is lots of moment when nothing really important happen, lots of conversation not very useful or constructed but it really add to the narration. I also think it's good to released at the very end that the only homophobe in the story was Isak at the beginng. How he was intolerant with himself and with other gay, that way we understand that the most aggrecive one are those who has something they struggle with. And that a strong message. Even he's just beautiful i felt in love a bit. Plus the image and B.O were very great. For me it's a 9,5/10.

Now what is your wish for main character of season 4 ? Love Golu and carry on your wonderful blog

Golu said...

you are welcome. Id be keen to see whats the story of Isak's gay room mate (but thats cos I am so gay)

Sailor Maan said...

Thanks to you (and Lina) I could discover this gem. 9.5/10 for me
I loved this serie so much I watched the 4 seasons without stopping and basically forced my husband to watch them again with me.
And of course season 3 is my favorite ;-)
First Isak and Even are a really cute couple. And then every interaction with other characters seems natural. The way his friends and parents react and help him, this is so nice (and funny sometimes!). Every character is so lovable and their evolution throuhout the seasons is fantastic. The music fits perfectly too.
Actually it made me realize how much world has changed concerning gays from when I was their age (I'm 35 now). For example when Emma tells Isak "we're in 2016, you can say that you're gay". I know it's only a fiction but I have the same feeling when I get to talk to young their age.
I'm so hyped a US version is coming up next year!!! I hope it will be different in a good way (just please keep the crazy school doctor, she is hilarious!)

Golu said...

Finished season 1 (Eva), 2 (Noora) and 4 (Sana). Thank you lina once again for this recommendation. Bestest thing ever. Loved season 4. Sana is awesome and I am glad the makers gave a logical conclusion to everyone. HIghly highly recommended.