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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Closet Monster (Canada)

At the outset, the film may seem like another coming-of-age story but the treatment of the film is quite different. Bit of style and a bit of fantasy intermixed with the normal storytelling methods makes this film an exciting watch. The way the treatment of the film was done, reminded me constantly of Xavier Dolan’s film. The film may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you will surely be impressed by the novelty of the treatment of the subject.

Oscar is really young when his mother decides to leave them & the parents separate. We find out later  the reasons but we see that the once loving father slowly becomes aloof an distant. He is probably gay even as a kid and he witnesses a hate crime happen to one of his schoolmates. On asking his father why did that happen, his father mentions that probably because the guy was gay and this makes Oscar further hides his sexuality. He starts dealing with internalised homophobia, specially also given the fact of what his father has always been telling him.. His only close friend is his classmate Gemma, on who he experiments with his artistry about makeup and she is probably the only one who knows the truth about Oscar. He also has had a hamster Buffy since he was kid, who talks to Oscar and they are each other’s confidant. Buffy is suppose to be his ‘spirit animal’, someone who is supposed to represent the true spirit of Oscar. When Oscar gets a job at a local store, he meets a young, attractive and mysterious man Wilber. Oscar finds himself having a crush on him. He starts feeling emotions, reactions of love so surreal that his real world starts merging with his fantasy world that he has had lived with ever since childhood. He cant love because the memories from childhood are so strong that psychologically he can’t get rid of them. When Wilber invites him to a costume party, his father stops him (by now realising that his son might be gay) but Oscar kicks him and still goes. He gets attention from guys including a kiss from Wilber but Oscar’s internal fears don’t let him deal with it. He decides to leave his father’s home because of whom , Oscar became what he is and decides to go live with his mother and get his life back in order.

As mentioned above, its the treatment and the direction that makes this film special. Oscar is suffocating with his father and his own homophobia and is longing to go to New York, which sadly also doesn’t happen. Its just the father and son staying together. It is interesting to see how the father-son relationship gets more and more distant over a period of time and only later you realise the reason is primarily because Oscar is afraid what his father may do of he knew the truth. The film, in a very interesting way, shows a hidden side of broken families and the inner turmoil of coming to terms with ones sexuality because of that. Oscar acted really well in the role of the confused teenager and the sexuality in the film is done in a very tasteful way. A simple screenplay but very well written, and the directing really impressive visually and thematically; especially from a first time film-maker.

This may not be a path-breaking cinema but definitely deserves to be seen. Coming out is never easy for anyone and when there are psychological reasons behind it; that makes it even more painful. (7/10)


Luigi C said...

This movie is ,for me , one of most realistic one for the reason of my ate-love with my late father.
My Parent's quarrels , their high voices , are still present in my ears . A movie that really really effected me .
Sorry for telling personal experiences , just to agree with the script and your comment.

Golu said...

hey man.. never apologize for such things. Its always good to hear your views and I completely get it. There are so many times, when I relate certain situations in film with my personal life and suddenly the film makes a lot more sense for you. Completely understandable.

Luigi C said...

Thanks for what You do for your readers.

Modern Ganymede said...

Poor Dad. I think the movie is pretty real but the guy is just plainly stubborn child to his father. Never really consider what his parents going through. I know that his life with pretty empty, talking with a hamster, living with a father who is homophobic but I don't think the whole aggressiveness on his parents are not necessary. He never even listen to what his father has to say even after he said sorry. His father is really struggling as much as his son. It's hard for straight parents to understand their child being gay. Some of open-minded and some are not. It takes times. I like the movie as it likes to show how to it's to live with that homophobia, the fear from that past, growing up with a father and having very less friends.I like how the movie could highlight those struggles but his dad is not even a abusive or that bad to deserve those as a return. The movie did point out many facts about that guy being mean and stubborn not just to his parents but to his close friend too so it's reasonable. I would not agree it deserves 7 point rating, comparing with other 7 points movies. It's just my opinion.

Golu said...

Thanks for your comments and I really appreciate it. I agree 100% that we all have our opinions and this is one of the reasons I look forward to reading comments from you all. It keeps us all individuals. You do bring up an interesting aspect that I had not completely thought through.

Sailor Maan said...

Finally got to see it and I quite liked it. Like you said Golu, it somewhat reminds me of Xavier Dolan movies in a good way (less weird...) and with fantastic music.
The way it mixes different things together (divorce, coming out, end of adolescence) creates damaged characters I alternatively loved and hated. Mainly Oscar of course, but his parents as well.
But really what I liked the most was the singular aestethics of the movie (for example I loved the "first kiss" scene). And Buffy lol.
Btw Golu I wish you all the best in 2018, and thank you again for what you do :-)

Golu said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments and wishes. My wishes to you too for a bright and happy 2018