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Friday, August 26, 2016

Een Goed Leven (Dutch) [One Night Stand]

This was a sweet and short (50-min) made for TV film. I wouldn’t particularly classify this is a gay themed film but one of the two protagonists happens to be gay and hence it makes sense to review it here for my blog.

Helen in her mid-late 40s has been leading a very affluent life. One day she comes home to find her dead husband and later realises that her husband had overdrawn his credit account and that suddenly Helen is now penniless compare to the rick upper class woman that she was so far. She moves in her daughter’s room (who is going for a long holiday), which is a in s shared space with common living room and everyone having a personal bedroom. She meets Joeri, a carefree good looking young man living a wild and i-don’t-give-a-damn attitude. He is not ashamed to admit that he works as an escort and his clientele is mostly gay men and married men and that he is open for any kind of fetishes as long as he can make money. Joeri and Helen form an interesting bond of friendship because another of them judges the other person. One drunken night, things get out of control and the dreaded ‘one night stand’ happens. This creates an initial awkwardness between them but thankfully both of them handle things in a mature way. Eventually Joeri finds love through Tindr and hopefully Helen will also find her way through life.

The story was simple and not very complicated and thank god that the tim was not unnecessarily stretched. Joeri was really cute and I could see why he could make big bucks being an escort. Helen and Joeri also acted their part very well. I think character-wise, they both filled in the gap in the other person’s life and hence the unlikely friendship between the two of them. I am not too sure of the motivation or what was the point hat the film-maker was trying to tell through this film but maybe it is a just another story and doesn’t necessarily have to have a point.

A short feel-good film, that won’t let you be bored. Nothing more, nothing less. (6/10)

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