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Friday, July 22, 2016

Saugatuck Cures

These days I barely am getting time to watch films. It breaks my heart because there is so many films to see and once in a while when I do get time, I hope that the film is a good one. So imagine, when you end up watching some bad spoof in the name of comedy with loopholes plenty. The intent probably is nice but its a very bad execution.

Maggie runs a bed and breakfast in the town of Saugatuck. The planned thanksgiving dinner does not go well with her gay son Drew and her stuck up daughter Penelope, who thinks Drew needs to pray for his sins. She brings with her, her fiance Paul and we also have Brett, who is Drew’s best friend and also Penelope’s ex.  It turns out that Maggie’s cancer has come back but the said procedure will take a lot of money. Penelope refuses to help. Brett comes up with an idea of travelling church to church pretending to cure latent homosexuality and raise money for Maggie’s procedure. They start making money in ludicrous and over the top acting, until one day their money gets stolen. In the meantime Drew discovers that Penelope’s finance Paul is closet gay and they fall in love (huh!). When Drew and Paul try to steal Penelope’s money , they get arrested and are put on trial. Surprise surprise, Penelope has a change of heart, takes her case back and family is back together.

The big problem of the film is that we don’t care about any of the characters. none of them, emotionally or emphatically. They are all so over-the-top in their familiar jokes so as to barely even register that its probably a satire, which it is. Every character is cliche. I mean whoever watches gay films could predict that Paul is closet gay and soon enough he and Drew will have something going. Penelope’s character on the other hand was a mere caricature and deeply annoying. No explanation on why so much hatred for gays and her mom and why sudden change of heart. Only actor bearable is the friend Brett and that too because he is supposed to be stupid and is in fact stupid. So you don’t mind. Trying to address the issue of religion and homosexuality is a good thought but if not executed right, it sometimes could further damage.

The film misses its mark on a lot of accounts and felt a bit waste of my time. (3.5/10)

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