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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Please Like Me: Season 3 (Australia)

I was so excited and happy to know that season 3 of this fantabulous show is gonna be telecast soon. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it when it ended. Josh and Tom and Clair and everyone else was still so fresh in my memory. In fact me and a friend of mine who also loved this show, were both excited about this new season. And it definitely still lives unto the expectations.

This season’s focus is a lot on Josh and Arnold. After going back and forth with their relationship, they finally have sex and try and be together. They make a lovely quirky couple. Arnold eventually even comes out to his parents, who are initially taken aback but come to terms with it. Josh’s best friend Tom meets Ella, a girl at a bar, who now becomes a permanent fixture in the life. The friends make fun of how Tom also picks the wrong girls but thy stick together. Claire is back this season after a few episodes and brings her own baggage including an unwanted pregnancy. We get t see what’s happening in Josh’s parents life as well. Remember Hanna from previous season, the lesbian whom Josh’s mother meets at the mental institute. They are now living together and sharing a fun interesting life. Josh’a father is dealing with his own issues. His wife, May, tells him that she cheated on him during her pregnancy. After a few differences, eventually the couple gets back together. There are a couple of very interesting episodes about a new guy Ben, whom Josh meets on grindr. When Josh and Arnold decide to go for an open relationship, Josh hooks up with Ben, who has a brain condition and how they end up bonding with each other. Anyway, the show ends up at christmas luncheon, where everyone tries to be together but can’t help not being mean to each other, thereby, leaving josh, in a for of anger lashing out at everyone and reminding everyone that its their own faults.

The shows continues to be silly, funny and very real. The show is really about flawed, aimless young people living together. I love the fact that the show depicts a friendship between a straight person and a gay one without making a big deal of it. Season three is still about the little moments of everyone’s youth that are funny and tragic and wonderful and disastrous, often all the same time. The interactions between every character is just so good and real that I wanna be a part of this group. All these characters made me laugh and made me smile after a long day at work. I really am looking forward to more seasons of this show. It is sad that many people may not be aware of this series. This show needs to be promoted big time. It can make a huge difference.

And as I write this, I find outfit Josh and Tom are real life best friends and that a lot of scenes may have been inspired from their real life. Now this information makes this show even more special. Watch it to believe me. (8.5/10)

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