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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nasty Baby

This film has a very independent, next-door neighbour types, slice of life film. Its hard to put a genre to this film since it could be a comedy or drama but what is important is that the issue and the subject has been handled very sensitively with realism. A film about motives, hopes and fears; a small problem lies with the fact that while the film was happily going in one direction, it suddenly takes a different turn and as a viewer left me completely baffled.

Freddy and Mo are a happy gay couple living in a New York city apartment. Freddy, a budding artist working on a video piece featuring him like a baby, is trying to have a baby with is best friend Polly but it turns outfit Freddy has a low sperm count. Polly suggests asking Mo to be the sperm donor. Initially hesitant abut the whole thing, Mo finally gives in. Their neighbour homeless ‘Bishop’ has been making life of this gay couple a living hell by his antics. He doesn’t like gays and i a bit nuisance to everyone around. Freddy who has had enough of him is unto his hair with frustration. But when his meeting with the art producer doesn’t go well, his encounter with Bishop at the entrance of his house takes a nasty turn. Bishop is killed. What will the trio do for each other? Will they overcome their doubts and fears or will they go to extreme lengths to achieve their dreams!

Its a scary ending. Something that not many people may like but at the same time, the acting is so well and is done with such conviction that it is unbelievable. The natural chemistry that Freddy and Polly share as best friends. Their longing to have a child and be parents is very genuinely conveyed by their acting. Yes Mo is initially hesitant to be the substitue because he always considered Polly as Freddy’s friend but he changes his mind when he sees Polly taking care of a bruised patient. Almost two-thirds of the film is about trying to have a baby and the trio-chemistry which includes visiting mo’s family for dinner. Its when the whole Bishop episode comes, I am not too sure what I feel about the overall film. I would have much preferred it to stay one-track but I am sure the makers have their own motives. Will the trip be able to live the rest of their life having known what they have done? Happiness should not come at this cost, I believe. But it is for us the viewers to decide. By the way: Hats off to everyone to not make any racial comments about colour or ethnicity. In a city like NY, it all just co-exists without making such a big deal about it.

Having said that, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that the film is poignant, very watchable and has some of the best real natural acting I have seen in recent times. Freddy happens to be director of the film as well. Now I need to find out what else has he done. (7.5/10) 

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