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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Gay Short Films : 44

Underwater (UK) 
Jonathan, is taken to an elite swimming academy deep in the English countryside by his soon to be step-mother, kept away from her upcoming wedding to his father. At the academy, Jonathan struggles to find his place among the group. He may be a top athlete in his field, but here, he is not suave enough to deal with sexcapades and chauvinism of people in the group. They act straight but don’t mind fooling around with each other. The chemistry is real, the penis shots are real & the drama is real; except I don’t really get the whole point of this short film. Just Ok.

Todo El Sol Del Mundo (Spain) [All The Sun In The World]
Pablo & Mauro meet each other while clubbing. They stare, they like each other, they leave together. For some reason, not very clear, they are not together any more (or was it really just a one night stand). The film is captured through a video that Mauro makes for Pablo since he promised to make a video for him in their one night stand. I was a bit confused about the last scene where it seems that Paulo is now standing the bathroom in a position exactly where the two met. Interesting!

Kiss Me (USA)
Set in the world of Latino boxing, Kid mentally replays his ring opponent’s death over and over. Outside of the ring, it’s a violent match in his head and his heart: his love-starved wife is begging for affection, his son is looking for a father figure and, within himself, Kid must man up and admit what he really is: a homosexual. No gay scenes as such but the message is very clear. It wasn't very clear how did his opponent know that Kid was gay! Overall a different yet interesting story.

Slant (USA)
The film is inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poem.Ash, a college professor in his 50’s is looking for love after death of partner to AIDS way back. Ash fancies his gardener, a young attractive man who shows knowledge of poetry. Fooled by the fact that Luis is attracted to him too, he gets stood up. Patrick, his new neighbour comes for his rescue at this time with a bottle of wine, pleasant conversation and an age appropriate company. It is much easier to be with someone with commonalities than it is to train someone to like what we like. Very good.

The Main Event... in America (USA)
A Bronx is boxer and is living a decent life. He has a girlfriend and a son but still something is missing. He still prefers to have his single status and be a free man and ocassionally help out his family but something is bothering him. He is low on cash and needs to do something meaningful with his life. Only later we realise that he has a secret lover too. Now he must choose between his love for his dream of being a champion fighter, his family or his love for a man. Decent !

Butterfly: The Adult Word (Korea)
Cheol-soo is a grown-up who doesn't have a proper job and starts social life at a host bar. However, it's not easy adjusting to the bar,  where passion and lust swells. He is being well coached and mentored by his predecessor and slowly but surely he also learns the tricks of the trade. Now it is his time to open up to reality and become the new man. The cycle continues, when a new boy joins for job and he may not have feelings for the boy. To what extent will he go. I didn't like this film.

Pourquoi mon fils? (France) [Why My Son?]
This is the right time for Thomas and Louis to announce to their parents that they are gay and together. They are both teenagers at this stage. Everything goes well for Louis but Thomas’ father doesn’t take the news so lightly. He enters into a state of uncontrollable rage, and can’t live with the information. He even goes to the extent of threatening to kill himself. Better sense prevails and Thomas makes him realise that accepting the reality is much more simpler. All things ultimately fall in place.
Desnudos (Spain) [Naked]
Javier and Fran are naked in Fran’s bedroom and Javier has to leave. He forgot his phone at home and a innocent message by Fran leads to his parents discovering his sexuality. The father gets might upset about the contents on the phone. A can of worms of fear, homophobia & sexism opens at the dinner table. Javier has had enough and when his father asks him to leave, he gets naked (leaving everything that his father gave him behind) and his mother soon follows suit.

Beyond Plain Sight (UK)
Ryan is a popular member of his community. He’s charming, helping and a social butterfly. It feels like he’s lonely and in need of connection. However, when he returns home, we discover he has some extremely dark and disturbing secrets. The missing people in the neighbourhood may after all have something to do with Ryan. It is a pretty unnerving short, partly because the camera seems so neutral about what it’s showing you, to the point it sometimes feels like it’s taking you into the head of someone you might not want to be so close too.

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