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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Gay Short Films : 43

Aban and Khorshid (USA)
Inspired by true events, an intimate portrait of two lovers, glimpsing into the world in which they met, moments before their execution for being gay. So real, shocking, touching and so very sad !

Dinner with the Woodburns (USA)
A son's revelation about being gay opens up a can of worms. What he thought was going to be a huge deal compares nothing to everything else that will be disclosed by the family members at the dinner table. Funny!

L' Appuntamento (Italy) [The Appointment]
Francesco, hurt by the discovery of his girlfriend's betrayal, is craving to meet his contender and makes an appointment with him only to be surprised himself. The film relates to the identical thought which two different people have in common from the heart and are destined to meet, beyond their genders and their sexual orientation.

Green Line (Canada)
In the Montreal metro, two young men exchange furtive glances. Yes, thats all that is to this film :)

Brácha (Czech Republic) [Brother]
Young skater has an eye on his sister's boyfriend. He does everything to attract his attention but the guy freaks out and leaves.

Impact (France)
Mental journey of a high diver seconds before his jump.

'P' (Netherlands)
A family reaches boiling point during a pit stop. Will the volatile cocktail of sweltering heat, restless hormones and suppressed frustration explode? The father is bored, mother is having an affair, sister is crazy and the boy is raging with hormones and discovers woods where men ‘help’ each other.

E Perfekte Tag (Switzerland) [A Perfect Day]
Two boys meet for the first time through an app. A certain vagueness takes over the night as they seek to decide what they want from each other.

Rótulo (Brazil) [Label]
This film speaks about the need that people have to define the sexualities of other people. This film was done in a a really funny humorous way. Loved it !

Am Gipfel (Switzerland) [At The Top]
The story of two best friends that go for climbing in the alps and one of them accidentally meets a possible love his life.

Relación Abierta (Spain) [Open Relationship]
Oscar and Sergio have been in a relationship for 5 years. A random afternoon one of them decides to ask if they should be in an open relationship. But when they start discussing the rules of engagement, things start becoming more complicated than they had originally anticipated. A funny take on the whole open relationship concept. Loved it.

Tourist (Germany)
A young tourist is cruising the park in Berlin. What is he looking for? Is he as innocent as he looks?

Saturn's Return (Australia)
Barney and Dimi are young men in love and are on a trip to visit Dan, Barney's dying father. Dan is planning his suicide and wants Barney there. In the process the men rediscover their love for each other.

Mrs Craddock's Complaint (Australia)
Mrs. Craddock lives across the park's public toilets. What are all those men doing there? She decides to go and find out. A silly yet funny short film.

The Disco Years (USA)
Tom Peters looks back to 1978, the year in high school that he came out of the closet. Tom's mom drags him to her disco-dancing lessons. His friendship with Matt becomes his first love, and then Matt turns on Tom with homophobic venom. Later, Matt and Matt's new girlfriend trash the classroom of an effeminate teacher with more vicious homophobia. This incident gives Tom courage to accept who he truly is and its time to open the closet door.

Love Kills (Germany)
Young Tim leads an easy life - spoiled by his eccentric mother and his older, well-to-do boyfriend. One day, he meets Bosi, a straight, low-level criminal thug, and falls in lust with him.

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