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Sunday, December 6, 2015


What a surprise! I kept dilly-dallying to watch this movie but finally I gave in and what a wonderful surprise this film was. A quirky, wildly entertaining film about a day in the life of two transgendered prostitutes in LA on Christmas eve and the non-stop drama that goes on during the entire course of the day. Some people can also term it as a screwball, odd, buddy-comedy between the two prostitutes which has been told with a very daring quality.

Sin-Dee has just gotten out of jail after 6 weeks. She learns from her best friend and fellow transgendered  Alexandra that her pimp, Chester, whom she loves has been cheating on her while she was in prison with a white girl. All she tells is that the girls name probably starts with a ‘D’. Sin-Dee is mad and goes out on a quest to track down both Chester and this other woman, while Alexandra following her. They separate their paths at various junctures only to meet again. When Alexandra feels that there is going to be drama, she decides to leave Sin-Dee alone but son realises that since she more composed of the two , she needs to be with her best friend, before she has to make a stage appearance that evening. Sin-Dee finally finds the girl and drags her along with them both across the streets of LA. Alongwth this main story, there isa parallel, somewhat connected thread, of this Armenian cab driver  Razmik. After a few guests that he drives off, we find out that he is into transgendered prostitutes. Finally all these characters meet, and ultimate drama follows, and it does out that even Alexandra also slept with Chester. Meanwhile, suspecting of her son-in-laws weird behaviour, Razmik’s MIL sets to find out the truth and eventually discovers it as well. The film ends with all the individuals going their won ways and reflecting upon what has happened during the day.

Kudos to the main characters of Sin-Dee & Alexandra for pulling off an excellent team. They are so naturally compelling on screen, it is real, saucy, right attitude and a very strong self-assurance with which they carry themselves. These are two fierce heroines as they need to be to survive on the streets of LA by any means. I can’t believe the makers just found these two aspiring trans-actors. The movie could not have been same without them. Of course Sin-Dee takes a slight edge between the two. You cannot miss the high tempo high-energy background that follows each moves of these characters. It goes extremely extremely well with the film. At places I felt Si-Dee’s action were all over the top and her quest is getting tiring but it actually goes quite well with her overall wild, stubborn character. It was a very good decision to present the story in a more comic, pop-culture-ish way rather than going the dramatic route. I think more people will be able to relate with the premise that way. The photography, cinematography, lighting etc of this film were truly brilliant as well. There are multiple individual scenes that stand out and show the harsh realities of the actual life of street workers, including their interactions with the police officers with whom they are on the first name basis. The film has a lot of walking and more walking on the streets but the camera furiously follows and keeps it real. The characters of Razmik and Dinah also add their own reality and focus on the entire story. At any point it doesn't feel forced.

This film shows the harsh reality of what goes on out on the streets of LA for working class transgendered people. It is entertaining for us and dedicated to the women who are actually working the corner. (8/10)

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