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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Paternity Leave

Yes, the premise about a gay man finding himself pregnant was really interesting and it was an excellent opportunity to make it a good fun watch. Unfortunately, a real bad screenplay and an average direction just makes this film barely watchable. Also the film title really doesn’t justify the story. In the beginning we witness a debate about paternity vs maternity leave when a woman asks why men should get such long paternity leave when woman does all the work. And this issue is never discussed again.

Greg and Ken are a couple and very happy with each other. On the night of their 4th anniversary, they have to cancel their plans and baby-sit Greg’s nephew. Greg is bit neurotic and always worries about his weight but doesn’t do anything about it. Ken, on the other hand is a normal-isn guy. who works as a lawyer. On their anniversary night, Ken feels he wants to top Greg and so he does but few weeks after that they realise Greg is showing signs of nausea and other symptoms. On doing multiple check-ups its established that Greg is pregnant. Everyone including doctors are surprised and Ken convinces Greg that its a good thing to become parents. But when the news comes out that this has become a normal phenomenon and other gay men are also having babies, Ken doesn’t feel special anymore. Now he doesn’t want the baby anymore but Greg has to live with the baby and his neurotic attitude. Greg , being alone now hires a man Thomas, who can help keep a check on him and also help him through his pregnancy. Ultimately Ken comes around, joins Greg back at home. There is a normal delivery and the couple lives happily.

As I mentioned before this film doesn't delve into any of paternity leave laws as the title would suggest. It's merely a drama about whether or not Greg and Ken even want to have a baby at all. If the intent f the makers was to make this film funny, it was not. It wasn’t drama either. It was something in between The acting was just average by the two principal actors. Greg scored a little over Ken. Lot of things in the film were forced and I felt it had absolutely no bearing whatsoever to the entire plot. Example, the whole backstory of Greg’s ex-boyfriend wasn’t needed at all. The side story of Greg’s friend having a stroke and going into a coma, serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever to the main story line. Ken’s attitude of not anting to have a baby anymore because now they are not that special couple seems quite forced and sudden. On a positive note, Greg’s one-liners are funny in places. Most of them are references to pop culture appropriated by gay men. And the random cat songs that he keeps singing is also fun. Thomas was o in his brief role and thank god! of not showing anything romantic between Thomas and Greg, which in normal scenario seemed like an obvious thing to do.

The film is just okay. Not earth shattering but not bad either. Few years bak I would have  rated it higher but not now when there is a lot more quality films out there. This was a decent attempt. (5.5/10) 

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