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Thursday, December 10, 2015

London Spy (Mini Series) (UK)

I was quite excited when I found out about this 5 part mini-series lasting a total of 5 hours. Spy/thriller/mystery is my favourite genre and of course, by my blog you can of your tell that I do watch a lot of gay films; so this series definitely brought with it a lot of anticipation and expectation at the same time. BBC is known to come up with series and drama like no one before. Will it be the same this time or will high expectations kill the fun. I am going to try and analyse in this review here.

Based on the foundation of love story, we meet Danny and Alex. Danny is carefree, occasional drug user, party-goer young man. A chance encounter with Alex changes something in him. Is it the beauty or his simplicity. he would never know. He takes chances, makes a move to Alex and his love is reciprocated. They are 2 very different people but somehow complement each other. Their love grows and Danny finally introduces Alex to his best friend, mentor and guide Scotty who has been with him through thick and thin. Just when things are going well, Alex suddenly disappears. About 10-11 days later, Danny finds his body in mysterious circumstances. This is where a whirlwind of receipts and lie start and its difficult to imagine whats truth and what’s lie. Danny is made to believe that Alex had a secret life that involved escorts, S&M, drugs etc but Danny would have none of it. Despite being severely threatened by everyone for his life, he doesn’t give up on his search for truth. He had found a secret metal cylinder when he had found Alex’s body and now Danny has to find how to decode it. He is supported by Scotty in his search. He mets various people, including Alex’s parents, his so-called escort service, his drug dealer, mathematics genius and all that. After a whirlwind of events, all charges against Danny are dropped but he still wants to know the truth. Danny finally finds out that the metal cylinder was carrying an algorithm that could identify lying simply by examining speech patterns. It promised the “end of all lies”. And that is exactly what became the reason for his own death, a secret that Danny ultimately finds out courtesy Alex’s mother much later he has given up on the whole event. But at least, he can live content now that he nows the truth.

London Spy started off really good. After the first episode finished, I was hooked onto it. There was mystery, drama, love, emotions; pretty much everything. Episode two was even better, but to be honest subsequent episodes failed to keep the magic and thrill alive. It always happens when the beginning is so brilliant, it is inevitably hard to meet the expectations and give a befitting finale. At places I felt that scenes and characters were just thrown for the heck of it (like drug dealer, gay orgies, drug etc). I am sure there could have been a way to just circle around the main story line rather than trying to create more elements. Having said that, performances in this series are extra-ordinary. Clearly, the winner is Danny. His growth from a reckless young man to a lover to a mature men who would leave no stone unturned to find out the truth is amazing. He portrays the emotions of a loner, heart-broken lover with extreme conviction. The scariest part was when he realises he has been intentionally infected with HIV. I think it was because of this actor that the series was still a great watch. I am not convinced with the finale and the reason given for Alex’s murder but I can’t even think of what else could the makers have come up with. The end specially where the mother agrees to drive with Danny to tell the truth to the world was way too cliched. It is scary of think of all this, if you even remotely believe in the whole spy world.

A strange yet inexplicably compelling story, Danny’s character and acting makes it worth a watch definitely, despite the fact that the finale may leave you rather disappointed. But wth, at least we got to see something new and exciting. (7.5/10)

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