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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gay Short Films : 42

Let’s Fall In Love (Italy)
The story of two boys in love, who opt to show their affection for each other in public by the simple, loving act of holding hands, only for one thereafter to have second thoughts about such a display of sexual openness.

April Fools (USA)
When a terrible April Fools prank goes terribly wrong, terrible things happen.

1919 (Canada)
The Winnipeg general strike as seen through the window of a bath house.

J Pee - I’m Not Gay (USA)
A comedic homo-bro rap song, in which J Pee (Jesse Pepe) performs all sorts of homoerotic actions as he claims he is NOT GAY-only to realize that ... he might just be lying to himself. Very funny !

Stand Up (Ireland)
Support for innocent teenage love by standing up in sovereignty with your gay friends.

Luigi and Vincenzo (Italy)
Years of a love story in clandestine, for shame, fear, thinking they do not have rights, no marriage, no family, neither walking hand in hand. But today on gay pride day, something changes.

Ha(r)d To Say (USA)
A speechless story of two men who meet one day on the busy streets of New York and all the things they have to say to each other.

Una notte ancora (Italy) One More Night
Feel the pain of the man who comes home to find his boyfriend leaving him. But is he really leaving him or is it a role-play that happens every day to forget and get over a very painful memory from the past?

The Rosa Song (Germany)
It is Not the Homosexual who are perverse, but the Society in which we lives. A group of men assemble to review, rewrite and restage the legendary final scene of the film.

Hookup (USA)
Two guys meet up on Grindr. But the young man loses interest after knowing that the other guy has a girlfriend, yet still meets guys online regularly and not accept his sexuality.

Sandanski (Italy)
A dance of passion, love, sex and fire. A unique love story.

Adam & Steve (USA)
Welcome in paradise; everything is nice and green but apparently there is a problem, instead of Eve there is a ... Steve

The Rain (Sweden)
The dance that slowly takes over, forming a pattern that none of the characters can see - they are all connected; the rain affects them all.

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