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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gay Short Films : 41

Hopeful Romantic (USA)
A musical film about one man's emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and healing. It's a universal story about loving, letting go, and holding onto faith that there's somebody for everybody. It is dialogue-free, completely musical. I wasn’t sure if I would like it but it wasn’t bad at all. (6/10)

Gokugoku futsuuno! (Japan) [Quite Ordinary]
When a student comes out to his teacher (who is himself gay), he internally wows to protect him and sees it as God’s plan for his love. Butte student loves another boy who rejects his love. A story with comic touch that shows some realities of how people react when you come out. (5/10)

Brookton Hollow (USA)
Story of true love. Kyle loves alone on a farm with his father. Their cow is his only best friend. The father gives Kyle a warning that with meat being low, cow would have to go and just then Kyle starts dreaming (or is it reality) that cow takes form of a young man to be with Kyle. To save the young man fro body of cow, Kyle has to prove his true love to him, which he does by facing his father when he is about kill the cow. The age old concept of love wins all. (6/10)

Here Now (USA)
A random film of 2 straight couples: one hot passionate and the other boring. A fleeting glimpse of possible gay man. Senseless short. (2/10)

Ça prend des couilles (French Canada) [It Takes Balls]
A young man waiting for a sex change operation is confronted by his masculine conscience, which tries desperately to convince him not to do it. It is an interesting concept though may not have been directed as well as it could have. It still leaves questions unanswered. (5/10)

Abrase (USA)
The fading love of two men, remembered by one of them in a long monologue. A relationship once vivid, now dissipating into a fog of partial remembrance; the memories of heartbreak and loss that bend and change as the years go by. (4/10)

6 no es un color (Spain)
Men are as diverse as there are colors in the lines of cities metro. Taking this theme, we go through a cursory glance in the lives of a few men in the city of Madrid. Some get a second chance and some don’t. Sometimes fate is capricious and decides a return to the same station. Nothing great. Plain average (4/10)

Few Random Shorts
These videos were with homoerotic images, naked men dancing but no narrative as such.
Cherushii, A Study In Choreography for Camera, Midnight Swim, Another Me, Figure Scrub, Morning Sweat

Después del invierno (Spain) [After The Winter]
3 lives in extreme situations of pain, hurt and anger (one of them being a gay man). We witness the human ability to go through these challenges, bear the pain and still go on a and eventually succeed. (4/10)

La Mirada de las fotos (Spain) [Staring Pictues]
A young couple needs some place to have intimacy, so they use Arturo’s grandmother place, but Carlos has a problem: he can’t do ‘it’ in front of the pictures of dead relatives. His boyfriend makes fun of him, but some months later he is the one who feels the picture’s gaze. I think this one was totally bizarre. (4/10)

Dottie Gets Spanked (USA)
In 1960s America, a young boy is obsessed with Dottie Frank, wacky star of the eponymous hit sitcom The Dottie Show. While his mother gently encourages the boy’s fixation, his father grows increasingly frustrated by his son’s apparently “sissified” interests. Interesting concept but stretched too far. (4/10)

Papa’s Prince (USA)
A young girl with two dads tells the story of how her parents met to a new friend, trying to expand his knowledge of love. Full with singing, animations and imagination. (4/10)

Serene Hunter (Paris)
A randy gay Parisian moves in with his new boyfriend - just as an old flame from Los Angeles comes back into town. The man can’t keep anyone happy or satisfied including himself. He wants to have the cake and eat it too. Where will it take him or will he remain eternal hunter? (5/10)

Plan Perfecto (Mexico) [Perfect Plan]
A couple who are no longer in love comes up with a perfect plan to breakup individual but only one of them is able to execute it. I think this was quite funny and interesting. (6/10)

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