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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Coming Out: Season 1 (French Mini Series)

This mini TV series features 12 episodes each of which is about 10-12 minutes long. The series focuses on a lot of characters based in Montreal, their life, their love, and how they deal with each other. In today’s day and age, managing and maintaining a relationship is not an easy thing and sometimes it can just be a mess. The characters in this series show us how they tackle love and friendship, in their own unique way and how much they're willing to risk in the pursuit of love and happiness.

Our main focus is on Mat, a gay fashion photographer, who is going through a slutty phase post his break-up with his now ex boyfriend, Ian. He still is struggling to get over him, when he resurfaces after a homophobic attack. He can’t decide whether he wants Ian back in hi life or not. hey restart dating but when Ian realises that Mat cannot make up his mind, he leaves asking mat to take a decision. We also meet Hugo, is is having a secret affair with a cop named Olivier. And we find out that Olivier is husband of Gen, who is Hugo’s best friend and co-worker. Constant pressure by Hugo to come clean to his wife makes Olivier’s life complicated. And when things to come out, as expected, it is only supposed to get ugly. Finally we have Teo, 18 year old street kid, living on drugs off the street. Social worker Caroline wants to help him but he won’t take any of it. This has started to affect her relations with her partner. Teo, as it turns out has AIDS and because of his drug abuse, is reached beyond control. We have few there additional characters but they just help the stories above move along. We go through the lives of these individuals and see what outcomes does life bring for them. Two dies unfortunately, Olivier and Hugo are trying to make things work while keeping Gen happy as well. Mat, is confused still, specially after he gets an offer to move to New York temporarily. The series ends when we don’t know if he leaves for New York or does Ian finally convince him to stay back.

The series is a bit confusing in first 2 episodes when character after character is introduced and you fail to keep a track of who’s who. But after that you get hooked on. The fact that the episodes are shot an quick, you never get bored; there is always something happening. The acting by principal actors is definitely above average and the production quality and directions also above par. But from a story angle, there could have been more depth in characters and their story. the break-ups are quick and the make-ups are even faster. I don’t think most people in real life will react the way the characters do here but then we have to remember that its a show. A good mix of sexy scenes, good looking men, decent story line and some light moments; makes this show a decent watch.

It is worth your time and does not leave you feeling like you wasted part of your life. (6.5/10)

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