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Friday, December 11, 2015

7ème Ciel (French Short Film) [In Seventh Heaven]

This short film was about 40 minutes long and therefore deserves its own review. This is a film that can be classified into gay drama, crime and poverty , depicts in a very short span of time about some of the life’s stigmas and a guys story of rediscovering himself.
It shows how society expects us to behave and belong and how some people are forced to live in a constant state of low self-esteem and self-rejection.

A gang of 4 thugs are eve-teasing a girl. When she doesn’t react, this makes one of the guys Mobutu very angry. They beat up her boyfriend and Mobutu flirts with the girl. Sofiane is the only guy in the gang who tries to keep things under control. He comes back home to his mother and sister studying. When alone, he logs in to a gay website to meet guy. He decides to meet a young man for the night when he agrees to pay him money. Meanwhile his girlfriend Julie is trying to get in touch with him. We later find out that she knows what he does for work (gay for pay) and is not ok with it. She is the only one who brings a smile on his face. Meanwhile his father is giving him a hard time for not working. We then witness an encounter where it is Sofia’s regular customer who calls him and has a degrading sexual encounter. This is the time when Sofiane realises that how much ever normal life he tries to live, his homosexual urge begin to rise. He ultimately in a fit if disgust comes out to his girlfriend and leaves home forever to meet the same guy who he had met earlier. Possibly love?

Sofiane’s charter is quite complex. His father is playas after him and he hangs out with good-for-nothing gang. When his gay urges increase, it causes him discomfort because no one will accept him the way he is. He even goes to the extent of suffering in a disgusting sexual encounter with a dominant guy, only to realise that the only ray of love he actually saw was with the guy whom he had met earlier. His outburst to his girlfriend over the phone was remarkable and equally sad was when his sister realises that he is leaving home forever. Acting was quite good by all characters given the premise.

A short and lovely film showing harsh realities of life and how some people deal with them , specially when you add gay feelings to the mix. (6.5/10)

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