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Monday, November 30, 2015

En la Gama de los Grises (Spanish) [In The Grayscale]

An interesting film that subconsciously debates love between two men; one a gay man for whom homosexuality is a black-or-white concept and the other who is not ready to choose a side because he needs to figure out the impact on not just him but people around him as well. I have been part of many conversations where gay men question the whole concept of ‘bisexuality and this film does a very interesting t make on the whole theme. Its a thoughtful, beautifully acted and nuanced film that makes you think.

Bruno, architect by profession, has recently moved out of his home, leaving behind his wife and son. They are not separated. He just needs time alone to think and figure out what he wants to do with his life. He is hired by city commissioner to design a new monument in Santiago that would mean something to the city. The commissioner also introduces him to Fer, a free spirited tour guide who knows the city inside out so that Bruno can make a more informed decision. Fed is young, fun, energetic, good looking and a happy man while Bruno is going through his internal struggles about life, work, family etc. Fed thinks of Bruno as a closeted gay and tries to flirt with him. Over the course of time Bruno finds himself getting attracted to Fer as well, and doesn’t know what to do. He is happy when he is with him but what does that mean? Ambiguity, regret and confusion soon pops up. Bruno realises that he has been meeting Fer for 3 months now and hasn’t started any real work. Meanwhile word comes out that Bruno was seen kissing another man which doesn’t go too well with his wife and son. This makes Bruno question even more on what he is doing. The movie ends with unanswered question for us on what will happen but what does happen is that Bruno finds an idea on what he wants to make the monument about.

As the title suggests, this film explores those difficult shades of gray of somebody trying to overcome their longstanding sexual repression. Or is it really that? Why can’t this be a whole new feeling, maybe? You empathise with Bruno but you also feel for Fer. fed has honesty and integrity and knows exactly what he wants from their relationship, so it feels he is cheated when Bruno can’t take a decision despite the fact that he clearly loves him. Thankfully , the film doesn’t go overdramatic when the wife and son find out. You see mature conversations happening and a glimpse into one of the secrets of their married life. The intimate moments between the two men are real, very real. Their hanging out, sleeping , coffee, breakfast, smoking; just about everything feels natural and real. The chemistry between the two men is good and you witness the journey of how and when they  move from guide to friends to lovers to estranged lovers. They have a very intelligent and an intuitive sense of physical connection. Did I mention that they are both quite hot and good-looking as well. Interestingly the surroundings of the 2 guys also give a depiction of how one is happy vs how the other is lonely and isolated. Yeah, we do see bits of history of Chile in the process as well , but it didn’t mean much to me as an outsider.

Definitely recommend this one. It may seem like an old story but treatment and direction is quite different. You relate to the characters and you understand why Bruno can’t take the decision which is expected of him. (7.5/10)


lina said...

I don't like this movie. Because of the actor's playing, especially Bruno i don't find him credible and of course this has negatives repercussion on the story. The part when guys become closer, we see that the jokes weren't meant to be funny but just to show the reconciliation between them. For me this is the worst, when you watch a movie and you just couldn't believe in it. Too bad because the story seems pretty good when you tell it. For me i have stopped being concentrate at they first interaction (this isn't in my language so i have to be concentrate to watch it). Thanks to your bog i have finally find a place where i can express myself about this sorts of movie, so thank again Golu

Golu said...

Thanks for your views. Hopefully you will continue to post your comments and thoughts

Factatack said...

I understand how you might disconnect, Lina. As a gay man who has known a few bi men over the years, I've often wondered if our conversations are peppered with words that sound exactly alike, but have totally different meanings. Factor in that Fer is a pretty average guy, while Bruno is prissy and scared of pretty much everything, and you have a recipe for disaster, under the best of circumstances! For me, Fer is somewhat similar to Jeronimo in "Esteros" in that he is fond of Mathias, even in love with him, but unwilling to settle for a second-class seat on someone's Bi Express Train to parts unknown, possibly nowhere. At least in "Esteros " Mathias' train seems to leave the station, so to speak; Bruno's appears to be permanently stalled in a "Grayscale" limbo. Fer can (and undoubtedly will) move on with life. Will Bruno? Who knows? Jeronimo, though sad, allows Mathias to choose his uncertain journey alone, but will survive. Mathias, unlike Bruno, risks choosing potential happiness over certain loneliness. Obviously, we'd prefer all endings to be like "Esteros", but most bi relationships implode for no apparent reasons, as "In the Grayscale".
In any case, both films have many more virtues than flaws, and feature finely wrought performances from gifted and attractive actors.