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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tofu (UK) (TV Series)

You must have read my reviews of British shows ‘Cucumber’ & ‘Banana’. I finally managed to see the companion show to complete the trio. It is a documentary series that focuses on a range of sex attitudes in the twenty-first century from the viewpoint of everyday people.The show basically takes some of the characters from the 2 shows but mainly focuses on the real life sexuality with a fictional minisode also thrown into the mix. Every episode lasts about 12 minutes with a topic chosen and then getting views form each of the people being interviewed.

The eight episodes focus on the following topics:
- Good Sex, Bad Sex
- Sex Talk
- Not Having Sex (Asexuality)
- Coming Out
- Teenage Lust
- Queer as Folk
- Instasex
- Filthy, Dirty Sex

Every episode brought in a very different mindset. I liked the fact that a wide variety of people were talked to so that we get to experience a wide spectrum and their viewpoints, there, strengthening the belief that now two people are same and that we all like things the way we do.  I love the approach of discussions - no demonising but an honest appraisal of the pros and cons. And the other thing that was also good was that they took a wide mix of characters: right fro a mid-60s old woman, to an asexual person, 2 porn stars, lesbians both young and old, a straight guy who pays for prostitutes and of course a few main actors from the 2 parent shows. I wish I had seen this right after I watched the shows but hey! its never too late.

Not as interesting as the parent shows, but this one specifically was just supposed to be as a discussion mode and not preachy. (6/10)

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