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Monday, October 12, 2015

Tarik El Hob (French) [The Road To Love]

There are not many films that talk about homosexuality and Islam in the same breath. Personally, this is a topic that interests me and when I encounter a subject that deals with these 2 together, i usually go for it, hoping I will uncover something meaningful and interesting. Sadly, this really low budget french film does not do the trick.

Karim, a sociology student in Paris is of Algerian origin. He is making a video documentary on homosexual relationships in Islamic cultures, and is having troubles finding subjects to interview. Most of his time, he spends with his girlfriend. After a few bad meetings, Karim encounters Farid, a gay, well-adjusted, quietly seductive handsome Algerian lad who not only agrees to be interviewed, but also finds ways to assist Karim with his project. Slowly spending time with Farid and spending time travelling in northern /Arabic part of Africa, Karim finally comes to explore and accept his own sexuality.

The story of the film sounds very interesting but unfortunately film was nowhere close to it. The film was probably made on a shoestring budget and is filmed in a very interview/documentary style. It got really bore real quick. To be honest, while watching the film it felt as if it really was someone’s college video project which at some point was deemed decent enough to be released for a wider audience. Some interesting concepts are talked about and eat with (like the whole active homosexuality vs passive, sodomy, ancient Egyptian culture etc.). Some people may get excited with the fact that actors are real, but I think at some stage, we do want a good balance of realistic cinema intercepted with art. Something that feels like was shot by a hand held camera, interviewing openly arabic gays, sound good on paper, but it definitely did not lead any impact whatsoever.

Although in hindsight, with decent production values, actors and script, this subject is something that has potential to make a real big impact. (3.5/10)

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