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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Supernatural (Thai)

What the fuck was this? sci-fi apparently but what utter crap. Ok, some people will call it artistic, ambitious and what not, but c’mmon; the subject of the film and premise has to make some sense for the normal movie watching audience. The film lost me completely within 15 minutes and I had to fast forward and watch the whole thing. What a sheer waste of time.

Synopsis (copied from online, because I really do not have patience to write anything about this film): In a futurist world, the Thai kingdom has been transformed by ‘The Leader’ into 'the Realm of people who have done good deeds and earned merits'. It’s a nice place to be, even though the inhabitants are plagued by an indefinable nostalgia. In the old days, people could at least touch each other. Although the Realm has reached version 2.0, technical possibilities remain limited. This wondrous story of the future is interwoven with stories set in the present and past.

As per the director and online forums, this film is supposedly, a political metaphor about modern Thailand, in the form of a homoerotic sci-fi film. In reality, As mentioned above, it was just a pretentious, pointless, silly and utterly boring film that doesn't work at all, either as a feature or documentary or self-obsession. Save you brain and time. Avoid completely. (0.5/10)

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