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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Płynące Wieżowce (Polish) [Floating Skyscrapers]

Oh no!! Why did they have to end the movie like this? I can’t watch another sad ending. According to the director, this is a film about love, or the lack of it and about the consequences of seeking out its substitutes. And as the film ended, I as a viewer was unsure of what the filmmaker intended to say with his story. Some of the characters get what they want, some of them don't, but none of them seem satisfied with the way things end up. What was the filmmaker's message?

In his fifteenth year of training, aspiring champion swimmer Kuba lives a normal, uneventful life - at home with his mother and girlfriend Sylwia. He happily switches back and forth from good sex with Sylwia to the occasional back rub his mother craves. At a gallery opening one night, he is out of place and totally bored until he meets Michal. Sylwia picks up on his fascination, but Kuba has her heart. Attraction between two men is instant and Kuba starts looking for ways to hang out more and more with Michal, and their bond grows. Sylvia sees all this and probably even knows what’s happening but doesn’t want accept it. Whilst Kuba dreams of a life with Michal, the latter takes on the task of convincing his concerned mother and distant father that his lifestyle isn't just a passing fancy. And at the same time Kuba comes to recognize he has never experienced feelings as deep as those he has for Michal. Not to be bothered by what the world thinks, the boy kiss in public and this is when Sylvia has to accept it. She tells his mother who is deeply devastated. She is so strong affect o him that she commands to stay away from Michal and stay with Sylvia. The film abruptly ends at a tragic, downbeat and open ended note.

I am not very sure how open & tolerant is Polish culture towards gays; I am guessing not a whole lot; which reflects in our film as well.. The sexual tension between the boys is very believable. They hang out a lot but don’t even get to kiss each other until very late. When asked by Michal on what does Kuba want to do now that he has him, he replies “Not to fuck this up!”. That was brilliant in my opinion. You see his eyes gleam in pride when he says that he adores Michal. At the same time, it is never very clear on what attracted Kuba towards Michal. Is it possible that Kuba was actually bisexual. Interestingly not many films have explored this aspect. A bit clarity on that would have helped between love and lust discussions. As viewer you do feel bad for Sylvia, because even when Kuba is going through his self-acceptance phase, he keeps telling her that he loves him which seems a bit out of context.By the way, there is a lot of nudity in the film but everything is done really very aesthetically.

Regardless, it was a very decent piece of cinema. You are left with questions that you want answers to but regardless you will see an interesting take on how a man's world got turned completely upside down. (7/10)


Luigi C said...

I've been very sad watching this movie's end so real and moving . Unfortunately Polish official homophoby ,IMHO , obliged director for a such awful conclusion.Thanks for Your comments, I always read them, before watching a film.

Golu said...

Thank you for being regular follower. I really do appreciate your and everyone else's comments and feedbacks.

Azerilla said...

I watching this now, and I must say it was a very believable although I'm from a very different culture. Yes it ended sad...