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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jess & James (Spanish)

There are not many road-trip movies with gay theme, so this is a welcome change in that area, but unfortunately when it comes to material and story-line, film-makers are left with just a handful of subjects handling queer issues. This film falls in the coming-out and young guys falling involve category but set in the context of a road trip. Well, this at least makes it different. I also did like the idea of splitting the film in 8 different sections, each focussed on a certain theme of the overall film.

James, open about his sexuality, lives with his overbearing mother, who he believes drove his father away. Jess on the other hand, is a confused young man, who keeps changing girlfriends, even getting one pregnant. The 2 boys meet for a hook-up initially but clearly James gets strong feelings for Jess. Jess, who is really fed up of his life with controlling parents and a nagging girlfriend, agrees to go on a weekend road-trip suggested by James. This road-trip becomes a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance in case of Jess. The road trip focuses on their interactions with each other, how they get to know each other and what they decide to do with each other. The most important aspect of the trip is their chance meeting with another guy Tomas. Tomas brings more fun and energy and passion in the two men and they also having one of the most passionate threesome. They invite him to come along, but Tomas chooses to stay with his father in the small town. One of the reasons to go on this road-trip was to also for Jess to meet his estranged brother who left the family longtime back when he eloped with the nanny. Jess burns the bridges and the brothers are reunited and Jess finally comes out to his brother and acknowledges James as his partner. The duo meet Tomas again and embark on another trip of their life.

I don’t know if it was just me or others felt the same but the 2 guys looked so much alike. I found myself getting confused so many times during the movie remembering which is Jess and which is James. If not for the torn jeans and the beads that James wore all the time, it would have been really hard for me to differentiate. The chemistry between the two guys is impeccable and there are some steamy sex scenes. As mentioned before, the whole chapter when Tomas joins them is beautifully handled. Clearly both the guy like him, but at the same time they also have to question their commitment for each other. The three guys have fun in town, hang out as best buddies. I was just enjoying watching the trio chemistry. It was brilliant and yes the threesome scene was tasteful, artistic and very well done. Another scene that really stood out for me was when Tomas teaches them both dancing steps. Its Tomas, that makes them realise each other’s importance. You believe the two characters have fallen for each other and you care about where they end up, right from the time we see them hook-up. On the flip side, there is some serious issue with the background music of the film. It was techno, very loud and just did not fit into this kind of film. I normally don’t even notice such things but this was too much in your face. I would definitely recommend redoing background music.

Anyway, just a small point but doesn’t take away from the fact that this was indeed a very interesting film. Its not great but definitely much better than a lot of crap I have been seeing lately. (6/10)


Luigi C said...

Just loved Your comment.
Yes, the boys look very much alike : it is because ,IMHO , they are a "couple " ,and young and - as You wrote -there is chemistry between the two actors.

Golu said...

I am glad someone else felt the same. The more I think, the more I wonder, if the 2 guys were supposed to the same facets of one guy and whether the story was really about just one guy taking a road trip to meet his estranged brother and his self-discovery!!