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Friday, October 2, 2015

Gay Short Films : 39

Talking To My Mother (USA)
This film tells the story of a young man trapped in a culture clash. It explores the complicated relationships between Michael, a second-generation Chinese American man, his mother and Julianne, his girlfriend of two years, to whom he plans to propose. After a twist of fate, Julianne accidentally discovers Michael's secret of loving another man that would change their lives forever.  Will Michael be able to face the truth with his loved ones - and most importantly, himself, before it's too late?

Mr. A (USA)
A curious teenage boy Kenny finds his teacher’s profile on a gay dating website, while browsing through them with his girlfriend. Hidden feelings rise again within him and he makes an unexpected move on the teacher, that has some serious consequences.

Yo Sólo Miro (Spain) [I Only Watch]
Julia and Eduardo are married for a long time and they look like a conventional couple from the outside. Soon they realise that they may be total strangers. Julia finds herself watching porn often probably because he is not satisfied. When Eduardo has to go for a work trip, she finds 3 gay porn DVD’s in his closet. Her reaction is calm and something that shocks Eduardo. She invites a hustler for Eduardo, so that she can just watch the 2 men.

Shattercane (USA)
A farm teen has his life planned out for him: he will get married to his girlfriend and take over the family farming tradition. But when he confides that he might be gay to his youth minister, word spreads to his family and girlfriend, and his world unravels. The end seems disturbing because it seems the guy will never be able to be true to himself.

När Bromsvajern Släpper (Sweden) [No Breaks]
Silence speaks of love in one hot summer. Three friends go for a party in night in summer. a girl and a boy are siblings and the theory is their friend. We see initial connection between the girl and the friend, but slowly something unspoken starts brewing between the brother and the friend. The girl realises it and hoarily leaves them alone and goes back home. Not much in still spoken between the two guys. A smile is all that says everything.

Dolls (USA)
When teenager Thomas rediscovers his dolls in the attic, his mother demands they sell them. She insists that Thomas work the annual garage sale where a devilish ten-year-old boy defaces Thomas's toys. As Thomas struggles to save his dolls, his mother begins to see the part of her son she always overlooked.

Kendo Monogatari (Cuba)
Lesbia has a hair saloon at her house. Mandy, her best friend, whose boyfriend recently broke up with him, who helps her with the duties of the saloon, wants to leave illegally from the country and go to USA. For the sake of her friendship and Mandy’s safety, she sells her saloon and starts practicing martial arts when she gets the news of his safe arrival.

Mørke Rum (Denmark) [Perpetual]
Sebastian explores his sexuality and seeking sex/love online. He meets Jacob, older and more experienced, who takes him to a sex club. In the new and frightening surroundings Sebastian has his first sex and in their subsequent meetings love sprouts, at least for Sebastian. Outside the darkness of intense togetherness, the reality penetrates. Jacob is full of lust and not love. So when Sebastian's hopes are disappointed and Jacob pulls away, Sebastian return to the dark room to restore the lost with a stranger.

Small-Time Revolutionary (UK)
Russell finds himself caught between two opposing worlds and needs to decide whether to keep up the appearances or stand up for who he is. He is gay and hasn’t come out to his family and at the same time he is part of the revolution against Thatcher government in 1988. As expected, coming out wasn’t as difficult as he thought it will be.

Silver Stiletto (Australia)
Two men are found dead in a dumpster outside of a well known gay bar and their wounds suggest the actions of a trained killer. There are no witnesses and no evidence. Detective Alexis Morgan has a crazy theory that disheveled drag-queen Dorothy may be responsible. We find out how and why.

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim (Denmark)
Two teen boys meet each other in Copenhagen and team up to find one of the boys' mother. Instead they end up finding themselves - and each other. Big bore film.

Baby (UK)
A mesmerising depiction of adolescent sexual anxiety. We see a moody teen recalling a sexually-charged visits to a swimming pool including his fascination for both boys and girls.

Hidegzuhany (Hungary) [Cold Shower]
During a warm summer night, Robert, a naive 17 year old and Feri, the roma member of the high school drama group, are forced to deal with prejudices, that have existed longer then themselves.

Violin (Germany)
When a drug dealer comes to deliver some weed to a budding violist, two unlikely kind spirits share an unlikely moment of intimacy with a violin, while the musician tries to show him how to play violin. An intense beautiful short.

Pop-up Porno
A hilarious book design about a gay man's sorry about finding out that his twin is gay as well on grindr.

Sugar Baby Love
An animation showing a boy going through all kinds of wrong guys before he meets the dream of his life.


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