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Friday, October 9, 2015

Feriado (Spanish) [Holiday]

Yay!! another first film from a new country. A coming-out gay film, there is nothing much new to this film honestly but what I admire about the film is the fact that someone in the country dared to make a film that even touches upon the gay aspect and treats it sensitively rather than making  mockery of it.

Set in 1999, when one of the worst financial crisis hit Ecuador, W meet the shy teenager Juan Pablo who has come to spend his carnival holidays to his family house in the mountains of Ecuador. We find out that’s uncle, whose house he is staying at, is a banker who is locked up because of the bank scandal. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop the family especially the kids to enjoy their vacation. Juan Pablo is constantly bullied by his cousins and he finally finds excitement through a chance encounter with Juano, a thief, when Juan Pablo saves him from his uncle’s escape while stealing tyre covers in the carnival party. The crew of the film then focuses on there growing friendship and the silent fun moments they share. Their socio-political differences are nevr mentioned and are never an issue. Clearly Juan Pablo is completely in awe of Juano, who in turn thinks of him as a friend. One night after a crazy party, the 2 boys do end up kissing passionately, but Juano finally runs away. Before heading back to his home after his vacation ends, Juan Pablo goes to meet Juano for one final time and says goodbye.

I think the screenplay of the film was quite weak. A lot more drama, excitement could have been built up. The actors playing the two main pats were quite good but were in control of the undercooked screenplay of the film. Their passion was not so much real but Juan Pablo’s silent glances towards Juano with a mixture of curiosity, sensuality portrayed his vulnerability and his desires. The whole fading banking scenario was all in the background and didn’t really add anything substantial to the story. Even the ending wasn’t anything ground-breaking or special. Finally Juan Pablo confides in a friend that he may like guys, so as a viewer, I am just left with just a shrug as a reaction

In short, this film is a simple story of a teenager coming to terms with his sexuality on his holiday. Nothing out of the world but not bad either. (4.5/10)

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