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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Azul Y No Tan Rosa (Spanish) [My Straight Son]

Yay!! My first gay film from another new country, this time Venezuela. I am not very sure whether this is the first LGBT themed film from the country or its that I couldn’t see any film yet. Whatever the case maybe, I am so happy that this film was made and that I got to see it. Its a beautiful, emotional film that shows celebration of diversity and love and also makes a point against homophobic attacks and discrimination. A perfect combination of love, romance, heartbreak, family, friendship intercepted with just the right amount of drama and few funny moments; this film will definitely touch you. The title actually translates as "Blue and Not So Pink," but has been dumbed down to "My Straight Son."

Diego is a young and successful photographer and is very happy in his relationship with is partner Fabrizio. His life is quite happy with his love and 2 of his closest friends by his side, the transgendered Delirio and the beautiful Perla Marina who is still with her abusive boyfriend. We also get to know that the families of both guys are also homophobic even though they are both aware of their son’s preferences. In a twist of events, Diego’s estranged son Armando comes to live with him for few months since his mother has to go to London. Worse timing ever, Fabrizio gets attacked for being gay which leaves him in a bad coma. Armando is already bitter about the fact that his father pretty much never messaged him for last 5 years and even now he doesn’t have time for him, not realising what has happened with Fabrizio. Finding the truth about his father, Armando is now coming to terms with his father’s sexuality and his LGBT lifestyle and friends. Diego at the same time is dealing with anger and hostility of Fabrizio’s parents while he struggles in hospital. Armando meets a girl online and slowly falls for her but he is too insecure about his looks. This is when Diego and his friends help him a lot to grow his self-confidence. Fabrizio doesn’t last longer which leaves Diego heartbroken, but with the help of his son and friends pulls it through and the father-son relationship slowly grows and they both become used to each other with ample support from friends and a beautiful ending to the film.

From the very first scene we realize that we are about to see a quality film in which the sound, music and photography are well done. I was very impressed with the whole dance sequence in the credit opening. And despite too many layers and all its plot complications there is something very compelling about the unraveling of the relationship between the father and son that ensures our investment in watching to the end to see how its all going to turn out. We see bits and pieces of lives of every character involved but the basic plot never deviates from its main theme. I really enjoyed every scene that had Diego’s family involved either fighting or eating or watching TV. It just all felt so natural and real. Its difficult to single out anyone when everyone is quite talented and good looking and fits their character. We identify with the characters and suffer and love with them. The gay bashing scene was so brutal that you feel the pain and the horror of it all. I don’t know anything about Venezuela or life as a LGBT member in that society but this film gives me a very realistic feel of what it probably is like. Keeping a good balance of emotions, comedy, there is no reason you will not be able to relate to this film one way or the other.

The film ends with dreams of a world that we would want to live in, a happy balanced world. Apparently this is the director’s first film. I would say, he is someone to keep an eye out for. He is brilliant and the film is wonderful. (8/10)

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