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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List

There used to be a time when I was all about chick flicks But as I have grown up over a period of time, I just find them so annoying. The cheap teenage girls histrionics makes me cringe and wanna slap someone. Anyway, coming back to the film, the main story is about 2 19-something BFF’s and how their life an chemistry withe at other changes over a period of time owing to certain men in their life.

Naomi and Ely are next door neighbours in manhattan and they have been together ever since kids. They have list of men who they can’t kiss just so that it may ruin their friendship. Also , we are told that Naomi is not totally ok with Ely being gay but she never tells him. After a few really annoying sequences, we meet few other characters. Naomi has a boyfriend Bruce who is nice and cute but she also fancies their doorman Gabriel (really yummy). She also secretly might be in love with Ely. Even when she is with Bruce, she constantly talks about Ely. One day while waiting for Naomi, Bruce gets to hang out with Ely and they get to know each other better and realise that they have something in common and end up kissing each other. But they both feel a very strong connection. As expected help breaks lose when Ely tells this to Naomi. She gets heartbroken but doesn’t even give a chance to Ely to explain things. She is in her own world. She decides to completely break things up with Ely. In such a time, Gabriel comes as a friend and completely supports Naomi and becomes her friend in need. Time passes, confusion and misunderstandings are cleared and both friends realise that they cannot let such a trivial thing affect their lifelong friendship.

My first impression while watching the film was not ‘awww’ but it was highly annoying. Naomi’s character was very annoying but even her interactions and how Ely and her behaved just got on to my nerves. First 15 minutes literally made me angry and super annoyed. Thankfully both the characters and actors got better after that but still it was just a very usual rom-com film. To be honest and fair, the film was not bad. It was everything that you expect from a fag and a fag-hag friendship rom-com film, but I guess these films are no longer my cup of tea. I can see why teenage girls would really enjoy and go ga-ga over this film. But all said and done, the movie still feels too shallow and glib and fails to connect the audience with its characters. The only good thing about the film was dreamy manhattan. Seeing all the streets and places that I frequent in this city was a relief. Also it is good that I saw this film while being in New York. Had I seen it anywhere else, it would have made me miss Manhattan even more.

A typical yet annoying rom-com , which I cannot handle anymore. (4.5/10)

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