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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gays: The series (Web Series)

Another one of the web series, focusing on life and musings of the gay characters, this one is very innovatively titles “Gays”. :) It is set in New York city an mostly follows four twenty something gay best friends navigating the tumultuous terrain of NYC. Actually if you include the girl as well, who is an integral part of the show, you can say that it is the story of 5 young twenty-somethings.

Huxley, Jackson and Natasha are room mates. Huxley and Natasha work together in a very well known restaurant. Huxley is a wanna be photographer and somehow not confident about himself and wonders if anyone will overdate him. Jackson, often referred to as a ‘bad’ person, has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer and is struggling with how to deal with it. Natasha is in her own happy world and dreams of making t big with some famous movie star. Then we have Ben, an attractive introvert, who works for a non-profit organisation and is in a long-distance relationship with Andrew from Boston, who by the way, is full of himself. And finally there is Cameron, a dramatic drag queen with a love for old Hollywood. Although these group of friends are very close and always there for each other, they are all hiding secrets about themselves. Cameron is a working call girl for the rich in NYC. Ben starts hanging out a lot with his very dominating boss and even ends up sleeping with her, twice! Huxley is secretly meeting a famous film star and something that started with friendship leads to sex and drugs for the film star and of course Jackson is hiding is cancer. Over the course of 8 episodes, we see how these characters interact and their stories unfold.

I felt that Huxley’s character was given more prominence compared to the others but maybe that as intentional. Acting of the characters start growing on you after a while. After watching first three episodes, I wasn’t sure if I eve wanted to continue to watch because it seemed like the story, the characters, the acting were just all over the place but thankfully things started to improve after a while and it started to make sense. Acting by the characters is strictly ok. A little unrealistic scenarios, but who cares when you want be a in a make-belief world. Also I feel the makers were not sure if they wanted a more serious tone or overall a fun campy sort of vibe to the whole series. Despite having no humour or drama and an abundance of stereotypical acted scenarios, this series was still watchable.

I would rate it strictly average or little lower than that. (4.5/10)

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