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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

G - Lost In Frankfurt (German)

I really don’t understand what was the point behind making this film. It was like an extended promo for gay tourism in Frankfurt. Not just any gay tourism, but something that involves drugs and sex. The story can be summed in a very short time and this film if edited well could be like a promo for gay/sex/dug tourism in Frankfurt.

Kris just lands in Frankfurt to work in an underwear shop. He meets Damiano who offers to show him around Frankfurt. the night ends in a gay club with G and sex. The next day he shows up with another friend David. The trio end up in a club, drink up G ad have hot passionate sex. The third day, the trio meets two of their other friends. This sis the only time they have some conversation where they all discuss their coming out stories. The night ends up in a gay club and surprise surprise, there is more G, following a full on orgy between the 5 guys.

And thats pretty much it to the film. There is constant electronic music playing in the background which annoyed me a lot. As I mentioned, the film has no logic. Its like a character study of kind of excitement a new life can bring (in this case that of Kris). There are elaborate sex scenes which didn’t arise any sort f excitement in me. By then I was so bored of the film and wanted it to end. Thankfully both Damiano and David were good looking but besides that it was like watching a virtual tour guide of the gay environment of Frankfurt. Totally avoidable. (1.5/10)

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