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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Toute Première Fois (French) [I Kissed A Girl]

I am finding myself having seen a very similar subject recently. There have been a lot of “coming-out” stories and many film makers are trying to attempt something different with what can be easily termed as “coming-in” story. We have seen many straight man turning gay, so why not explore the reverse affect where a gay man can turn straight. I personally don’t believe in this but what the hell, I am all up for exploring the subject for a film, especially when it is dealt with a bit of humour.

Jeremy finds himself waking up with a girl clearly remembering that they had sex. He is super confused because he has been living a very happy life with his boyfriend Antoine of 10 years. In fact they are even planning to get married. Jeremy’s family adores and loves Antoine. Not knowing anyone to turn to, he reaches out to his best friend Charles with whom he also runs his business abut consulting reports. Jeremy can’t get Adna, the swedish girl he slept with, out of his mind and this has affected his sex life with Antoine. On Charles’ suggestion that the only way to know what’s going on will be to face Adna again. Jeremy does that and finds himself getting immensely attracted to her. He can’t bring himself to tell her the truth. In his efforts to help Jeremy, Charles ends up giving Adna a job in the company which further complicates things. Now Jeremy clearly sees his strong feelings for Adna. At the same time Antoine just doesn’t understand whats wrong with Jeremy and tries to talk to him but without any result. As the lies pile up, Jeremy finds himself facing the big decision: stay gay and get married, or play it straight and screw up his life. At this stage the film could have gone any direction, but Jeremy decides to go straight. But its too late because Adna finds out the truth. He goes to Sweden in hope to win her back and of course there is a happy ending.

This film falls strictly in the category of rom-com. Everything is happy-go-lucky but also with a lot of humour. Jeremy’s parents bring in humour and so does Charles with his casanova antics and flirting with their secretary. Although his love story with her was just not justified. Why would he suddenly be so in love with her. Butane the bigger of the problems is how to justify Jeremy going straight. I bet the story writers must have had a touch time to figure out what way they would want the story to end. Because there is always a fear of eliminating maybe one segment of viewers. As much as I am ok with Jeremy going straight, the whole last section of making a trip to Sweden, all the way to the north just to win her was a little too extreme. The acting by everyone is very good but there was just no chemistry between the two lead actors. Someone having lived for 10 years together would have a lot more passion. Although filled with cliches, I did not find myself getting bored. The length of the film was just right. There are no lessons to be learnt from the film, it’s meant to make the viewers laugh. I chuckled here and there and that was that.

No great shakes but not bad either. Strictly an average film and you won’t get bored. (6/10)

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