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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Please Like Me: Season 1 & 2 (TV Series) (Australia)

Just finished watching 2 seasons this Australian TV Show and I absolutely loved it. Its quirky hour but that resonated with me. Th geeky, nerdy, awkward dialogues and situations is something right up my alley. An excellent take on a man’s quarter life crisis, its charming, real and extremely funny. Sure season 2 doesn’t live unto the enormous expectations that season 1 created but nonetheless it is still really good.

Just in time for his 21st birthday, Josh gets dumped by his girlfriend, kisses a man for the first time, and learns that his mom, Rose, tried to commit suicide. He lives with his best friend Tom of many years who is dating this girl who totally uses him. Claire forms the trio of this friendship group and is the girl whom Josh dated. Geoffrey is the man whom Josh kisses and soon they start dating. Meanwhile since Josh’s mother’s attempted suicide, he has to start living with her to take care since she is divorced. But Josh’s father, who is now dating May, an asian girl wants to help in any possible way he can. Season one follows lives of these people and their interactions including how Josh is coming to terms with his sexuality and whether or not he will be able to continue his relationship with extremely hot and good looking Geoffrey. We also have Aunty Peg, who is another interesting character. Season 2 introduces Patrick, a new room mate of Josh and Tom. Tom is now single and meet a girl. Josh adores Patrick but he doesn’t give him a second thought. Josh meets Arnold, a patient in a mental ward where now his mother is also spending some time. His father and May now have a young baby daughter as well and Claire is working in Germany. Josh still is leading a very aimless life doing nothing which worries his father. This season focuses on how these characters have developed further, lives of some patients in mental institutes, Josh’s relationships with Patrick, Arnold and even Geoffrey who comes back for one episode. Of course we also get to see what’s happening with Tom’s life and how is he dealing with his single status. Season 2 really doesn’t have a proper ending but at the same time, its not open ended either. We see changes in everyone’s life and how they are all individually dealing with it.

The best thing about this show is that it feel genuinely comedy without feeling like watching a sitcom. Major life events are given a touch of humour without making a huge deal out of it, specially when Josh comes out or when his mother attempts suicide. The entire series is laced with everyday conversations and humour. Josh’s character is so lovable and real; that I absolutely felt in love with him. And now I find out that he is even the writer of the show, which explains how he probably related himself to the character so well. His interactions in season one with his mother and trying to help her, or him trying to make his relationship wok with Geoffrey were easily the highlights for me. Most importantly I really enjoyed the camardierie that Josh and Tom shared along with Claire. Thats what friendship and friends should be like. It made me realise that maybe I am missing something in my life. Josh’s mother was my second favourite character in the overall series. Actually its hard to pick up because everyone does such a marvellous job. Patrick in season 2 adds nicely to eye candy but his character didn’t have much to add except Josh’s infatuation with him. Besides that I think he added a good eye candy. The dialogues are sharp and witty and humorous and real and that is what makes this show immensely likebale. Barring one episode where Josh and his mother go for hiking (a real bore episode), everything else is extremely superb and real.

I strongly strong recommend this show. It is brilliant. I, for one, can’t wait for season 3. I am keen to know what happens with Josh and his friend Tom and Claire, his mom and father; will Geoffrey resurface or will things go ahead with Arnold? (8.5/10)

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