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Friday, August 28, 2015

Gay Short Films : 38

En El Mismo Equipo (Argentina) [On The Same Team]
A young rugby player is trying to keep in the secret that he is gay, due to conformity mostly, but he struggles with it almost everyday. He longs to be free, but what exactly is freedom to the young man? He isn’t so sure himself. Good.

Particularly Now, In Spring (Belgium)
This is a film about the dreams you have when you are young. A seventeen year old boy reveals his life philosophy of idealism, unity and friendship amongst his mates in the sports club. Yawn !

Góðir Gestir (Iceland) [Family Reunion]
New York artist Katrin struggles to come out to her relatives back in Iceland. She is struggling every minute at the family reunion about how her family is going to react. But when a very senior member whose birthday they have got together for reveals that he is gay and has decided to live with his partner together challenges all her assumptions. Things are going to be ok for her after all. Very good.

Saint (Belgium)
The story of a roman soldier who is executed because of his Christian beliefs from a gay angle. Bore.

Shabbat Dinner (USA)
William’s mother has invited two crazy hippies with their son for dinner and is doing her best to show off but he doesn't have much in common with their son Virgo. This changes when Virgo tells him in private that he has come out as gay and then he starts questioning Virgo about details of his sexuality and ultimately giving into his fantasies until the father catches them. Quite funny.

Trunks (UK)
He's straight, but under the water at his local pool he feels gay. Will he tell his ex-girlfriend the truth? Meh!

33 Teeth (USA)
Eddie has a heightened fascination with his attractive neighbor. Eddie observes his neighbor measuring his manhood with a comb and decides to use the comb to enact revenge after being made fun of by his neighbor's friend. Short and sweet.

Not Gay (USA)
Bromantic comedy about a guy who apparently comes out to everyone on a drunken night but can’ remember anything. He keeps denying that he is gay, until, he tries to kiss a girl and it dawns on him that h is probably gay.

43-44 (Brazil)
A young man has a fetish for flip-flops 43-44 used by attractive men. He goes around walking in the city, increasing his collection of these used flip -flops all the while fantasising about the sexy stuff he would be doing with those. Average.

Diumenge (Spain) [Sunday]
The school year starts, and Max joins for the first time to his new high school. Because of his sexual orientation, his integration is complicated. He confronts bullying and violence. Only Marc is willing to give him a hand, but it is not taken too well by his girlfriend. Marc gets a shock when Max tells him they have decide to move to a different city. Nice.

Pajas (Spain) [Jerk-Offs]
2 friends try to relive old days jerking off together while watching porn together, till one of them realises that the other one has secretly been filming them and this whole thing actually maybe a setup and not just some casual fun.

Gaydar (Brazil)
A hilarious film. Modern age where there is a physical gayer that you can point to a man and find if he is gay or not. This adds some funny situations when his best girlfriend’s father is revealed to be gay. But when he ultimately finds a decent guy, he can’t tell if he is gay or not because he turns out he has a gayer blocker. Too good.

Ese Viernes (Argentina) [That Friday]
A guy walks us through his boring day at work ending up in a bar. He gets a very interesting young man there, starts having great conversations and even asks him to kiss him. This is all until he realises it was all a dream and finds himself waking up next his wife. Does he have secret desires? Too good !!

Jackpot (USA)
Before internet age, when closeted 14-year-old Jack Hoffman hears about a stash of gay porno hidden across town, he decides to brave the bully infested streets of his small New Jersey town, in hopes of getting what he wants. What happens over the course of the day will change everything. Brilliant

Prince and Ekaj (USA)
Two completely different gay latino teenagers find one another wandering the streets of NYC. Story about homelessness, prostitution and struggles. Weird.

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