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Thursday, August 13, 2015

DTLA (TV Series)

It was so embarrassing to watch this show. You know how sometimes the directions so flat, the interactions between the actors are awkward and hard to interpret and some sex is thrown in just for the sake it; this show is full of these cliches. I really would love to know what the actors think of this show if they were to watch all of the episodes in a marathon run. Sure, we have seen bad acting and direction before as well and it could also be pardonable to a certain extent, but these flaws are too in your face to be ignored in this series.

DLTA stands for Downtown Los Angeles, where the show is based in. The show is focussed around 4 so called couples, their lives and interactions. The central characters are Lenny and Bryan. Lenny makes good money but Bryan has no job and now they have to sell their downtown apartment because they can’t afford it. Bryan doesn’t even have any prospective jobs or is even looking for it, which makes Lenny piss and is starting to affect the relationship. Then we have Matthew, a struggling actor who just got a part in a gay play but wants to hide that from his boyfriend Marky, an amy man, because he has to go nude. But apart from that their relationship is new and loving and exciting. We also have Stefan, an arrogant cocky lawyer who is so full of himself, dating a younger guy and always putting him down because Stefan thinks he is the best. Finally we have Kai, a celebrity obsessed teacher, who is best friends with the mandatory fag hag SJ, whose married life is in shambles since her husband cheated. We see the lives of these people where Lenny’s paranoia that Bryan is cheating on him keeps increasing. Meanwhile, SJ helps Kai stalk an athlete who Kai thinks is gay. An old friend from New York resurfaces whom SJ used to date. Random events and scenes happen with no conclusive motivation.

The biggest flaw as mentioned above is poor choice of actors and really bad direction. Too many scenes just end abruptly. The actors are required to portray varied emotions but none of them is skilled to do so and clearly the director does the shittiest job of all. We never get really involved in any character’s life. You are supposed to empathise with him but his constant nagging towards Bryan makes you side more with him than Lenny who just comes off as nothing but a bitch. Most surprisingly, the sea scenes are so forced. Anyone can see that. They just randomly come out in every episode to show us more skin, as if thats what we are watching the show for. Times have changed and we expect the gay themed shows to have more depth , better acting and overall appeal but this show lacks the basic areas of acting, directing, editing and writing. No wonder this show never got a next season.

Dreadful story, bad acting, horrendous acting; you should watch this show only because you are dying to watch something gay themed. But even then, I can suggest you so many better shows and films that you don’t have to watch this embarrassing piece of production. (3.5/10)

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