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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Candid Love (Documentary)

What the fuck was this documentary. It was painful and embarrassing. I am all about “more power to indie film-makers”, but I think this one totally missed the boat unless I am the only odd man out who thinks this way. The story is about Jon and Daniel. Daniel’s father has just passed away and is in his hometown while Jon updates us about whats going in their lives. They are a bit of unhappy couple and are trying to deal with their issues. Jon is bipolar and Daniel is recovering alcoholic (perfect!). Daniel comes back after 2 weeks and then we hear his side of story , his past and where the couple is currently according to him. There is some more blabbering and by then I have completely lost interest in them. The film ends with the couple telling us thatchy have decided to go with long distance relationship since Daniel will move with his mom and Jon is not ready to move with him because he has a life.

First of all, when these are such trying times in their life; one has lost his father for God’s sake; using that premise to make a documentary itself raises all sorts of morality questions in my mind about the whole project. I felt absolutely no connection with either of them and to be honest I didn’t even feel that either of them had any love for each other. Their confessions and talks seemed real and true which makes me believe even further that were they even a couple. It seems their strings are already broken, so what’s the point. These 2 just stumble directionless and we all know what happens when people decide to go for long distance.

I still can’t figure out why they allowed the camera to record everything they were going through. What was the intention behind making this documentary. It is like I can go and start filming some random couple’s life, do a bad editing job and put it out in the market. Terrible. (1/10)

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