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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Breaking Free (Documentary)

There are very few films or documentaries from India that touch upon the subject of queer-ism. So I alway forward to anything that comes out. This documentary delves into human rights violation and lives that got affected because of Section 377. Although the maker ays that its his personal journey, I disagree. We actually don’t see anything personal about him. But what we do see and hear is much more dreadful and real and scary.

Travelling across various parts of the country and talking to various individuals over a period of seven years. We hear individual stories from gays. lesbians, hi-res etc who have been assaulted , blackmailed and a lot of times even sexually abused by police and cops by using the fear of section 377 to the individuals. We hear some horrific stories. We also meet a lot of activists from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai , Delhi etc and also the lawyers who have been fighting with community to get 377 repealed. Since it is filmed over a period of 7 years, we do see the fears of individuals at the beginning, we then also get to see hope and happiness when Delhi high court decriminalises gay sex only to be criminalised again by the supreme court. The movie brings out the real sufferings of the community at the hands of the law and why we need to break free from the medieval law.

After seeing the film you will realize that what the LGBT community is asking for is a basic human right, to live and love with dignity. This should not be  denied to anyone in any country by any law. It is important to understand that gays also want love, passion and companionship and not everything is about sex. Thankfully the documentary doesn’t try to sensationalise anything. It relies on true events, views of lawyers and activists an their fight for basic human right. Watching this documentary gives people hope again that maybe the government will do something about this. Soon !! (5.5/10)

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