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Monday, August 10, 2015

Boys On Film 12: Confession

I had been waiting for this volume for such a long time. It had been a long break. As in other series, there is a theme that is followed. This volume exposes private lives, uncover secrets and present a choice - to conceal or to confess? Duration wise these stories are quite short and hence, overall is not a tiring watch at all. After a disappointing last 2 series, this one is a welcome break.

Home From The Gym (USA)
An unnamed, sexy man comes home, alone and starts to undress. The male form put forward in all its nudity, sexiness, full front and centre. What’s the point o the film? Don’t ask me. :)

Showboy (Australia)
A young football player, Julian Maxwell, finds himself struggling to support his unemployed, recently widowed father while fighting to keep safe the secret he once shared with his mother: He's not only gay, but performs a drag act in a local bar. Very good.

Cruise Patrol (Netherlands)
An animation film, this one explores what happens on a long and dusty road where a routine cruise patrol takes a strange turn and spirals totally out of control. It was cartoonist IMO.

I Am Syd Stone (Canada)
Lights, Camera, Action! When a much-desired Hollywood heartthrob returns back to his home town for a reunion of sorts, he expects to rekindle an old closeted relationship. But soon he learns that things aren t as they seem and secrets always catch up in the end. His friend who he thought ended up being straight is now in a happy relationship with his gay partner. Very well acted.

Deflated (USA)
Chris has come to the store with his dad to spend his allowance. His heart is set on getting a bouncy ball, but all of the balls in the ball cage are bright pink...except for one deflated green ball. Ultimately Chris must make a choice: is it okay for boys to play with the bright pink balls or will he take home the deflated green one?

Age 17 (Switzerland)
Matteo is a 17-year-old boy who has fallen in love with Don Massimo, a young who leads the local marching band in which Matteo plays the drum. Matteo sees in Massimo a person willing to listen to his fears and desires and for the first time in his life, Matteo feels ready to open up to someone. Absolutely wonderful and brilliant film.

Human Warmth (Belgium)
Antoine has a desire. His passion and his love is so overwhelming that he has to stay close to Bruno. He loves his warmth and he needs it. But as with any relationship, soon comes the time of detachment and what will happen if Antoine s body stops responding?

Tonight It s Me (USA)
Read the review here

Good Morning (Canada)
Good Morning comically examines the ideas of sexual identity and age anxiety via the story of a man who on the morning after his 30th birthday party wakes up with both a massive hangover, and a 17-year-old boy sleeping on his couch. One of the best acted and directed shorts I have ever seen. SUPERB!

Overall a very satisfying collection after a few earlier disappointments. (6/10)

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