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Monday, July 6, 2015

Vicious : Season 2 (TV Series) (UK)

I feel sad about what I am going to write but I can’t help but be objective. When I hardhat Vicious was returning for Season 2; I was incredibly ecstatic. I loved the season 1 and recent;y saw the entire season 1 with my closest friends when they were visiting me. We were all laughing uncontrollably, so I knew that even they were liking the show. Naturally my expectations were quite high even for the second season. But sadly, I was disappointed. By both writing and a bit of acting as well.

The setting is still the same and it seems the stories just move on. Stuart and Freddie are still together. Although Violet is now married to Jasper, who mysteriously disappeared 3 months ago after wedding night and has since not returned. Her flirtations with Ash continue who is dating her ex-girlfriend again, to re-breakup with her. The six episodes of season 2 continue to show brickbats between Stuart and Freddie, they being vicious towards Violet who hasn’t changed one bit and Ash, who is still as useless and jobless as before. We see Stuart and Freddie helping Violet to deal with her “rick” sister at her surprise visit, them join dance classes and then gym and finally ends with focussing on last 3 episodes on Freddie and Stuarts wedding. They propose, they fit, they break-up and they ultimately re-unite. Oh! And I finally find out that Mason is actually Freddie’s brother. Violet was my favourite in season one, but I have to admit that it is Penelope who steals the show this time. Her screen presence might still be less but she leaves a lasting impression with her forgetful antics, specially in the last wedding episode. The series ends with the couple finally getting married but Stuart’s mother passes away on that day. To reflect this sad loss, the closing credits rolled to complete silence.

The show continues as a 70s-style sitcom with a very uncomfortable blend of coarse humour and hence the name vicious. This time, the filming is not limited to just the flat. There is some outdoor shooting of the street that the couple lives in. We even get to see Ash’s flat. As I said, sadly the humour is not as vicious as the season 1 and invokes less laughter. I also felt there was too much make up for Stuart and Freddie to make them look a bit younger. Don’t forget, we love them as they are because  its their acting that saves this incredible series. Some of my favourite lines from last episode specifically were: Mason to Violet “Why are you dressed like the bride? Shouldn't Stuart be wearing that?” and when they all laugh. It was howlarious. And then when Stuart’s mother tells Ash “I want a little gay boy to walk me down the aisle”.

There was something new, raunchy, ludicrous and outright nasty humour but perfect humour in series 1. This season lacks that. It got a bit refined, still sarcastic but in the process lost its charm, at least for me. Its the acting of every character that still kept is watchable. (6.5/10) 

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