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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

To Catch A Killer (Canada/USA)

Ok, so this is not a gay themed movie, per say, but the fact that it chronicles the true gruesome story of a homosexual serial killer who killed almost 30 young boys after sexually molesting them, makes it for a contender here. This was a made for TV film. At length of almost 3 hours, it doesn’t get boring because you are waiting to find what will the cops do to nail this criminal.

When a local teenager Chris Gant disappears in Des Plaines, detective Joe, is assigned to the case. His initial investigation makes him believe that local businessman John Gacy might have something to do with the disappearance. He assigns a team to find out evidences but almost overtime their evidences are found to be circumstantial and hence an arrest is never made. Things get worse, when he threatens to sue the police department and Joe for almost million dollars. Also everyone, including joe’s boss thinks that Gacy is innocent and is a respectable member of the society. Gacy and Joe then begin a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse as they both try to manipulate each other. Detective Joe is personally very invested in this case because he feels something is wrong. Eventually more evidences are gathered and after securing a second search warrant for Gacy’s house; they eventually find out not one but many many bodies buried under his basement. Gacy is charged with the rape and murder of 33 boys and young men and convicted, being sentenced to death.

Although it is quite an old movie and the production values show that, but the subject is quite relevant even today. Macy’s performance is simply superb as the respectable yet menacing man who is out for some mischief. We feel the pain that Chris’ parents go through. Thankfully, most details surrounding Gacy's crimes were left out. The sole focus was on how did the detectives go about nabbing the criminal, including tricks to make him break down. We don’t see any violence, gore, killing in the film. It is left to the viewer's imagination as to what happened to Gacy's defenseless victims. This film is not for thrill, rather it is more  semi-documentary style thats meant to show the evils of some of the respectable members of our society.

A terrifying film when you think of everything that a single man did to 30 plus teenage boys. A true crime representation. (6/10)

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