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Thursday, July 2, 2015

The 10 Year Plan

A gay rom-com. We have seen a few before and I am sure there will be a lot more coming out. Nothing wrong with rom-coms but at some point they need to be amusing and interesting or at least be sexy in case of gay themed films. This films just partly holds attention in all these attributes. This film may not be one of those underdeveloped badly made, produced and weakly acted so-called gay films which fail to enthral or impress. But at the same time it is no great shakes that could be talked about or even referred to our friends for a funny evening watch.

Myles is a successful lawyer but also a hopeless romantic, who is looking for the perfect Mr Right so he can settle down into romantic marital bliss. Brody is his handsome best friend, a Los Angeles police officer, who beds every man he crosses paths with. Why are these 2 men friends, we won’t know. One night when Myles get dumped on a date (yet again),  the two make a pact that if they are still single in ten year’s time then they will settle down with one another as boyfriends. fast forward 9 years, 11 months later, neither of them wants to be each other’s last resort. Brody decides he needs to find Myles a boyfriend and may be even teach Myles that it is ok to hook up. When it looks like Myles may have met a guy, that leaves Brody in a state of jealousy, something that he is not too keen to admit. When a misunderstanding threatens to question the friendship of two friends, Myles decides to move to NY to get a change. Its time that Brody either excepts his true feelings for Myles and make sure he thinks the same way or probably lose him forever.

The big problem that I felt with the film is the unreal characters. Myles, as a hopeless romantic goes over the board even just in first meeting. Thats just not normal. Brody as a gay cop always talking about sex with his straight partner is another unreal character. The film could have been scripted better. Mot scenes did not bring any laughter or smile on my face although they were meant to do exactly that. There's the potential for humor when Myles and Brody both end up sleeping with the same guy, but the explosive comic climax that we anticipate never materializes. The best lines and scenes unfortunately are with Myles fag-hag and Brody’s partner at work. Thankfully both Myles and Brody are pretty good looking actors and make for a good eye-candy but somehow lack the charisma. ( Although what’s up with this terrible DVD cover! The guys look horrible.)

By the time the inevitable happy ending arrives, we're too dispirited to care about the outcome. Just a very average evening fare. (5.5/10)


Sailor Maan said...

I must admit I am ashamed I like this movie so much. It's simple, it's stupid, sometimes non believable, sometimes funny, with eye candy and a happy ending you know you'll get right from the start. God it feels good! Just like some sort of christmas movie

Golu said...

Well! we all have our guily pleasures. I wont feel bad about liking sometimes OTT movies as log as at least the eye candy is good