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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sud Pralad (Thai) [Tropical Malady]

What an utter piece of garbage this was. I mean common. You can’t just make anything in the same of visual masterpiece. In my opinion this is the height of self-indulgence. What use is a film, if only 10 people are going to watch it? I just read that when it was screened at Cannes, people left the screening and then boo-ed it but then later it was given jury prize and suddenly everyone started praising the film. This is just ridiculous.

Keng is a soldier assigned to a post in a small city in rural Thailand. Everyone likes him in the village but his heart is set on Tong, who he meets in a truck in the village. They start blossoming a friendship which slowly turns into romance. They have a connection between them and we just see the two guys taking random country trips and walking along jungles and killing time. Then suddenly film shifts into a second act, following some ancient Thai fairy tale. Tong has now disappeared and is believed to have become a ghost tiger. We then suffer through 45-ish minutes of Keng wandering around jungle looking for this spirit. This spirit of Tong taunts and bedevils the soldier, causing him to run through the woods and become lost and isolated himself.

The pace of this film is a major flaw. A languidly paced film does not always equal a soulful, moving film experience. I had to fast forward pretty much the entire second half of the film because there wasn’t anything happening. I do not need to watch a soldier wandering off in jungles for 45 minutes to understand whats going on. The same feat can be easily achieved in 5 minutes. This is not art. This is torture. Tong was good as a shy man who is getting all the attention from a soldier but Keng as a soldier did nothing for me. His body language and his voice were so bad. I just don’t wanna go on and on on how bad this film is and how utterly waste of your time it will be.

I really doubt, how and why are there positive comments abut this film. People need to get a life. (1/10)


Luigi C said...

I had the doom ( ok, just bad luck ) to watch it ; You are very indulgent :must rated below zero !
Slower than a slowest oriental movie, without any logic . I suggested the director to change "pusher" .

Golu said...

hahhhaa. Thank God!! I feel better having hearing your views. You must read some reviews on IMDB where people are going on and on about how beautiful this film is. !!